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With LWS4 EP.1 on the way. I cant help but feel hyped about it. This is mainly and mostly duo to fractals. Not only do we get a new fractal. But also the reward system will get an overhaul if not, new stuff will be added. As someone that plays fractal regularly, i am very excited about this. I remember some while ago where a dev said that they would not add a gold maker for fractals. However they would add something where we could sink our relics in. And i believe this will be that patch. That being said. i was imagining what they could do. Which made me think of the following idea:

It starts with adding new recipes that allows us to further progress the legendary backitem. It's inspired by the Tempered Spinal Blades where you can change the color of the backitem. Thus with that you can make Ad infinitum in different colors. I'd say a blue, red and green one in a very similar way of how you color the Tempered Spinal Blade. However it does not end there. Cause as we all know, there are also the golden fractal weapons... and im pretty sure everyone has at least thought once about a golden Ad infinitum Backitem... right? So with that in mind, the final step would be to add a Ad Infinitum + X amount of Golden Fractal Relics + Gift of ascension + a possible a new item from the new fractal in the mystic forge, to create a golden Ad infinitum legendary backitem.

Now you may think, Ad infinitum is already an legendary backitem. Having something that makes it upgrade further more is crazy/stupid. To that, i can say: It does not have to limit there. Think about Eternity for example. Where you also throw in 2 legendaries to get something that is still very much alike and still the same rarity. Plus this would be a nice way to sink in materials and currency('s) without profit. Which kinda checks out with what i said before.

Sound solid right? xd I just wanted to share my excitement here.


  • zealex.9410zealex.9410 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Hype would be real if 32 slot bags were commimg with this update. Oh well.

  • Cyninja.2954Cyninja.2954 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Not wanting to sound overdramatic, but maybe curb your expectation a bit. You have been hyping yourself up way to much. It's a triple release, chance are high not everything will go smooth not to mention you are interpreting way to much into what could or could not happen.

    As far as the back item, I very much doubt there will be much change coming to that. The way it's implemented right now works just like most other legendarys with a journey so I would really not get my hopes up on that front (unless I missed an official announcement which stated they will be addressing this).

    My guess is, there will be some more items available for frelics and pfrelics, some new achievements tied to the new fractal, a new CM mode for the new fractal and that's it.

  • Kheldorn.5123Kheldorn.5123 Member ✭✭✭✭

    The new relic sink is most likely just another recolour of fractal weapons.

  • apharma.3741apharma.3741 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I should be hyped but I’m not.

    Balance is at an all new low in WvW which is my favourite game mode.

    Most PvE classes are condi now (I know Power weaver on large bosses but that’s not many) which I don’t like and a lot of power builds are a fair bit behind not just in damage but in terms of rotation where most condi builds are usually more simple rotations. Don’t even get me started on clone mirage.

    Content drought on raids (6 raid wings a year my back side) and the whole mount stupidity has made me not care, doesn’t help that most of my friends play less and less too.

    I’ll probably log in, run through the story and log off. I really should be more hyped about the raid wing and new fractal but I just don’t care, I remember the clown fiesta of bugs in wing 4 and fractal observatory when they came out making them almost unplayable if you were unlucky enough to get various amounts of bugs.

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