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Kicked from my own first run group for not having a title



  • I have to say, anything to do with raiding or CM in fractals are easily the most toxic areas of the game I've ever encountered, it seems that if you have the audacity to not run a premade and approved build then you "shouldn't" even try, seriously, I ran one CM, never again, I got laughed at because apparently a Chronomancer is dealing more damage then me on Firebrand, even though I told them up front this was my first time running a CM and I'm trying to figure this out and they said they were fine with that, I get its not the entire raiding community but, jeez, I get enough kitten in my real life and I play GW2 to get away from this kind of toxicitiy

  • @Justine.6351 said:
    Pretty much why my fractal lvl is not over 50 and I will accept any player into dungeons and fractals. I don't care if you are a nomad staff camping druid or have zero agony resist. Its why charr fractal is my favorite; if I have to I WILL carry 4 players across the finish line.

    Sadly this is also the reason why I will never get into raids, no noob/story mode. How do you even find enough people to do first run on hardcore content months after release without having to fill in with elitists?

    I have to say that even higher level fractals like T3 and T4 are pretty chill about that sort of thing, but CM is another story entirely, hence why I don't play CM or raiding, I'm one of those crazy people that has the AUDACITY to want to run a homemade build I find fun instead of a preapproved "meta" build

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    @Boogiepop Void.6473 said:
    I was running 100CM last night with a group of first timers. We got up to the final boss. Then, due to RL, people had to leave. So I LFGed for more, clearly marking the group as for first time 100CM players. 4 People joined me, then after one run (failed at 16%) demanded to see my title (all of them changed to theirs) and kicked me out when I reminded them the group was for first run people. Essentially, they just wanted to get the completion and stole my last boss instance.

    This is why I keep saying we need to remove these kinds of titles. Give a group a method to say "you aren't leet enough for us" and they will use it to discriminate.

    titles are pointless anyway i use essences as filter :)

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