My Holosmith is broken in the new fractal. (In the bad way.) — Guild Wars 2 Forums

My Holosmith is broken in the new fractal. (In the bad way.)

When I enter Photon Forge my character goes invisible. When I exit heat mode the boss goes invisible. I'm about to give it another pull, I'll try to take some pics. It really is funny. At one point we got it to 2%, but I was the only one up. I had been using the other people to tell where she was, so I was swinging blind. Apparently I didn't hit her.


  • Here's a pic that encompasses all the problems. I'm invisible, but you can see my bomb auto attack animation going off, which kind of shows where I am. The boss and her clones are all invisible. Her health is showing 100%, yet the bar on the top right shows her actual hp. My entire party has portraits of moas, yet only one person is actually transformed.

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