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Class/role for raids (specific question)

I have a question for anyone currently raiding. I'm looking to pick a role to start out in raids which will have a nice total score of being sough after + being simple enough to learn encounters efficiently. Here are my choices with gear limitations:
1. Power weaver - I have it fully geared in ascended (no infusions) and I keep practicing the rotation on golems a lot (getting 36-38k atm). I like it but feels like the rotation may be too taxing to quickly learn mechanics.
2. Power DH - asc trinkets, 3/4 weap, exotic armor (could get full weapons asap).
3. Condi soulbeast - I have it close to full ascended (trinkets, 3/4 weap, 4/6 armor, can finish soon).
4. Condi druid - same gearwise.
5. Healing druid - I can get like 4/6 harrier armor, harr staff, 2-3/6 trinkets, rest magi exotic and work towards harrier.

I'm looking for anyone who knows their stuff to rate some (or all) of those in terms of what I stated at the start. Thanks a lot for any help :)


  • I wouldn't reccomend getting started on either Power Weaver or Condi Druid. Condi Druid is rarely used by pugs, and especially not in training runs. This is because it has less healing output then magi druid. It still technically heals enough for every encounter except Matt and Cairn (and w5 maybe), but pugs take alot of unnceccasary damage, making healing harder. Also it no longer has a clear place in the meta after the rise of might druid. Power Weaver is just one of the hardest classes to play. Its rotation is one of the hardest, and will fall apart if you tryhard mechanics. Also weaver has very low survivablity, I would never play it when learning mechanics. For example even the ELE mains of SC (the top raid guild) playing dragonhunter instead for W5 progression. You should do the same when learning raids in my opinion.

    Harrier druid is probably the easiest raid class in my opinion. Its healing is more then enough, and super, super, super, simple. The only time you'll have trouble healing on it is if people massively fail mechanics or if people run from your heals. It'll also probably be easy to find groups with.

    If you wanna learn on dps, try either DH or condi sb. Both have ez rotations and are ez to survive on, with good CC. I'd pick one over the other depending on the boss.

  • Evolute.6239Evolute.6239 Member ✭✭✭
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    I second power DH. Good or great on every boss, simplistic rotation, you'll top most DPS meters with a small amount of practice, good party saves via F3 for people who suck at gors slam/kc jump, bane signet cc for sam/xera/deimos/etc, utility options like SYG for sloth fear, etc.
    Condi SB has an easy rotation, but DH will carry mediocre runs harder because you can CC more and negate more mechanics.

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