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Outfits & Armor Idea!

As I scroll through the forums every so often, I noticed and some what agree with the disappointment with the lack of armor skins vs outfits.
I'm not sure if this idea has been mentioned before, but a way around this could be to improve the hide/ show feature for armor and outfits.

Currently you have this option for only 4 armor slots; head, shoulders, gloves, and back. I'm sure most people understand how this feature works, but just in case you don't, simply click on the little check box for one of the mentioned pieces of gear to either have it appear on your avatar or not. Now for this idea to work you first need this option for each piece of armor, you will also need this for each part of the outfits too. The way this works is if you click hide on your head piece in your equipment menu/ page while having the head piece on your outfit page set to show, the outfit head piece will appear on your avatar while the equipment head piece will not and vice versa.

This will allow for us to mix and match different pieces of equipment with different pieces of outfits, while on a development side would increase sales of outfits!


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    There are still more armor sets than there are outfits.

    As for the rest of your suggestion, I've suggested it before myself although I feel turning off every part of an outfit would not work since different outfits have different parts (or parts missing) or that seamlessly fit together. Pushing for the ability to turn off the body, for instance, of an outfit would require outfits to be created to come in pieces rather than as a well-fitting singular piece which is the appeal of outfits. If you don't get what I'm saying, let's look at the Arcane outfit 1st.

    It doesn't have shoulders and its body section blends right into the section covering the legs.

    The exo-suit has all the pieces but there aren't any lines to indicate the end of the pieces, in fact the glowing lines flow from feet to waist and from hand to upper-arm.

    Noble Count is another extreme example as it has no hat or shoulders and the body portion flows right into the legs portion. There is no room to "cut" them off so you can divide the body from the legs.

    Lastly, the wedding attire is set up so that each race/gender are so drastically different, it just wouldn't be feasible to divide any of it.

    The most I'd ever suggest for blending outfits and armor pieces is some capability to show your armor helm over your outfit, your gloves over your outfit or your shoulders. There may be some hedge cases that wouldn't work on some outfits, but I think it could be doable without a lot of difficulty. Body and legs, however, just isn't going to work for a lot of the outfits and for various reasons.

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  • @Jojo.6590 said:
    This will allow for us to mix and match different pieces of equipment with different pieces of outfits, while on a development side would increase sales of outfits!

    It's not that simple. Cutting an outfit into pieces won't immediately grant ANet light, medium, or heavy pieces. The entire reason outfits are cheaper to produce is that they cannot be mixed & matched; they are onesies that don't have to work well with any other armor skins.

    (There are several threads — active & not so much — covering this in greater detail.)

    If it were that easy to add more armor skins in the game, don't you think ANet would be all over that, rather than charging 2k per mountfit?

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