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Favorite Place to Revisit in GW2

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With all the new content we've gotten in recent months, what with LS3 rolling right into PoF which rolled right into Halloween and then LS4, I recently decided, as I'm sure a lot of people have, to create a new character to experience the whole story from start to finish in what little time I am not playing new content. The character I created is a Norn so of course a lot of my time with him has been spent in the Shiverpeaks, but I've been working on completing other maps while I level him up. So of course I recently found myself back in one of my favorite places in Tyria: Caledon forest, specifically that starting area right when you leave the Grove. It had been a while since I was in this area on any character, but the beautiful landscape brought me right back to 2012 when I started the game as my first character: a Silvari ranger. I'm sure that a lot of how I feel about this area is tinged by nostalgia, but every time I come back I get just a little bit of that feeling again of playing a brand new game and experiencing a whole new world to explore, and I love it.

So I got to wondering: what places does everyone else love to revisit in GW2 and why? Doesn't have to be in Core Tyria, can be anywhere you just love going back to. I also love going back into WvW after not playing for a while (because I'm not that good, frankly) and having the experience of jumping into battle with a group of people I don't even know.


  • @Cronospere.8143 said:
    Im going to cheat here a bit. My favorite part is old school pre-searing ascalon in guildwars 1. The point where you run out of the castle for the first time with Gwen Thackeray nearby. This forest of tge presearing ascalon was one of the most amazing parts of the game. Simply because of the "first time playing this game" feeling

    I love that area too! LOL I restarted GW1 about a year ago and I spent an absurd amount of time there before I finally gave in and moved to the post-searing section.

  • Queensdale because my first character was a human and I wandered around Queensdale marveling at the landscape (and not knowing what else to do). I go back there every so often to remind me what first drew me to the game.
    Metrica Province, I like Asuran architecture. I often find myself starting into the liquid glass around the area.
    Shiverpeaks because my second character was a Norn.

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    I am very fond of Cursed Shore.

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    I love the Shiverpeaks, especially Timberline Falls. It's dramatic and quite a bit of it looks really beautiful, and it's also quite varied. I agree Caledon is really pretty, and I love the Grove too, especially on the lower level.

    It's hard for me to choose though. There's things I like and (to a lesser extent) things I don't like about every map in the game.

    But because I know it's going to be a (very) unpopular opinion I have to give a shout out to the HoT maps and especially Auric Basin and Tangled Depths. I love the jungle and these two especially because every time I'm there I get the sense of being way out in the wilderness in a place that's never been explored except by the Hylek. I love that you can go way down to ground level, in amongst the giant roots and look up and see nothing but trees and branches and roots overhead, and go way up into the canopy and be unable to see the ground below you. I even love the fact that you can't go directly from A to B, but there are actually several ways to scramble over and under and around and get to your destination, or in my case more likely a place you didn't even know was there, or a place I've been before but when an event I haven't seen is running.

    (The only problem is it's ruined the jungle in my other MMO - Elder Scrolls Online. Valenwood is legendary in Elder Scrolls lore for being this vast maze of trees which is impossible to navigate for anyone except the native inhabitants, with secret paths way up in the branches where you can go for miles without touching or seeing the game. The Maguuma is exactly what it should be, whereas the jungle in ESO is more like kitten woodland - lots of huge trees but lots of wide open spaces between them.)

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    In Divinity's Reach, the Central Plaza with its garden and orrery. Sometimes I just sit and look at it. So peaceful (most of the time).

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    For me it is the maps in Orr. I remember the first time I was heading there, knowing as I was swimming across the Straits of Devastation that there was a whole nation full of Risen and the stronghold of Zaithan, with no safe haven nearby. And boy was it dangerous to traverse those maps!! Then Arenanet nerfed the maps and they lost some of their charm, but I still enjoy returning there and traversing the ruins.

    However, there is something magical about the Far Shiverpeaks that I loved in Eye of the North, and I really hope we in Gw2 get to travel further north in the not too distant future. For now, Wayfarer foothills and Frostgorge sound will do.

    Edit: Another place we have yet to revisit that I would like to see is Gandara, the Moon Fortress. I really hope it hasn't become too Joko-fied.

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    I would love to experience the nostalgia of Guild Wars Prophecies again. Especially the feeling of achievement of FINALLY obtaining my Tyrian Grandmaster Cartographer after months of scraping. Even tho the graphics of the new game are far better, it is hard to beat nostalgia. And even without nostalgia, I think nothing can give you the feeling of being on an epic journey like GW: Prophecies.

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    Tangled Depths. A beautiful map with a devilishly complex layout. I've never seen anything quite like it before or since. Easily my favorite map!

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    From the original game: Pre-Searing
    My Defender of Ascalon must be a Ghost out there somewhere in GW2 Tyria because she never ever left.
    Gwen's garden outside the Eye of the North.

    From Guild Wars 2:

    Timberline Falls is my favorite zone to spend time in. There isn't a lot going on in it, just wonderful scenery and atmosphere. It reminds me of the North Cascades.

    The hidden grotto in the Grove is my #1 favorite place in the game to idle, or have a Syvari RP conversation. There are a number of locations in GW2 where you can swim or climb to find a place that isn't marked for exploration bu are absolutely gorgeous. A lot of work goes into world-building, even the nooks and crannies.

    Thank you, OP for the positive post.

  • I love the city of Tarir! I do the Auric Basin meta more than any of the others, and it's not all just the profit, and the great music, or the fact that it's fun, but because I love the huge, golden city.

    I am also fond of just about any place with Asuran architecture.

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    Free City of Amnoon (Especially harbor area)
    That place is like the peak point of Gw2 graphics, very detailed textures and good atmosphere.

  • Metrica Province (due to first-character nostalgia like OP,) Verdant Brink (complex but not frustrating,) Timberline Falls (feels far off the beaten path and peaceful.)
    Mount Maelstrom and Lake Doric get honorable mention.

  • Lunarlife.5128Lunarlife.5128 Member ✭✭✭

    Love Sirens Landing. I got there without lay-line, any of the ancient masteries, and loved playing with the JP.

    Honorable mentions: Shiverpeaks. All of them. Tangled Depths, Dragonstand, Auric Basin, Silverwastes, and I want to like sone of the PoF maps but everything is trying to kill me.

  • Warfarer Foothills as a snow leopard - was fun and missed that was not something you could easily redo on same char - until got my hands on the polymorph that makes you into random kitties :> Think each area has hidden gems that can be fun when you suddenly discover them after being there many times. Actually does allow for smelling the flowers and exploring :> First action I loved in beta was discovering jumping - after a few deaths did look before I jumped :>

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    Timberline Falls is, I still think, my favorite zone in the game as far as appearance. I just think the entire zone is Beautiful and I love to go back there. There are a few small spots within the zones that I love to revisit as well, like Garenhoff to look over the Wizard's Tower, or the Giant's Cave with the tombstones and shrink caps in Harathi Hinterlands (the violet and blue glowing trees by the cave waterfall are just beautiful). There are a lot of nice areas that are fun to revisit. Lake Doric was one of my favorite of the new zones as well because of the way it is laid out, and how it feels more like a core game area despite the state of destruction.

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    Queensdale and Caledon Forest for being these amazingly beautiful starter areas. Some of that may be nostalgia, but not all of it - I don't care nearly as much about the other starter areas.
    The Shiverpeaks. Just about all of it. ANET is really good at snowy mountains, and the gorgeous music helps as well.
    Seraph's Landing in the Harathi Hinterlands. I don't much care for the rest of that map, but this particular place is always one I love to see again.
    Tangled Depths. Much of the place is a maze, and the chak and mushrooms are super annoying, but still the place has grown on me. I used to hate it, and I still love-hate it, but there is a lot of love in that love-hate now, and I've come to think that it's the best HoT map overall.

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    Ever since the mounts came out I would have to say I'm most frequently revisiting Verdant Brink. The mounts make it soooo much more fun.

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    I'd like to see Glint's Lair, but with Glint in it as the Fractal- Glint's Lair fractal please.

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    The zoo in Divinity's Reach. I will free the animals someday.
    That and because no one's ever there and I want more people to be there >_>

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    @Cronospere.8143 said:
    Im going to cheat here a bit. My favorite part is old school pre-searing ascalon in guildwars 1. The point where you run out of the castle for the first time with Gwen Thackeray nearby. This forest of tge presearing ascalon was one of the most amazing parts of the game. Simply because of the "first time playing this game" feeling

    Presearing is without a doubt one of the best/fullest tutorials in any game. So much so that it had a website dedicated to it's community. Any community that is large enough to create its own drama is large enough to be worthy of mentioning.

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  • Queensdale and Wayfarer Foothills. Best places to chill out. Love events there and watching newbies make first steps.
    But overall as region - Shiverpeaks. Snowy mountains and green valleys are simply the best.

  • RoseofGilead.8907RoseofGilead.8907 Member ✭✭✭✭

    My top 5 (in no particular order):

    1. Tarir. It's gorgeous, and I never get tired of looking at it. I also enjoy the events and overall meta of that zone, so that's a bonus.
    2. Garden of Seborhin. I loved the story mission that took place here in GW1, and I also loved how the environment looked. I was so happy when I saw it was back in GW2 and that it kept at least some of its beauty (and some nice throwbacks to the GW1 mission).
    3. The Grove. Again, just a beautiful place. The atmosphere is very relaxing, and the skybox at night is truly gorgeous. The "hidden" area is one of my favorite places to just afk and look around at the pretties.
    4. The zoo area in Divinity's Reach. I've always loved it and have always wanted to pet the animals.
    5. Lornar's Pass. I hate completing the map there (it's freaking huge), but at least the scenery almost makes up for it. It's my favorite Shiverpeaks map, as far as environment goes.

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  • Ayumi Spender.1082Ayumi Spender.1082 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Before Mounts/Gliders:
    All of Kryta that isn't Kessex only.

    Before Mounts:
    All of Kryta that isn't Kessex only.

    All places excluding:
    Frostgorge, Brisban, Caledon, Dredgehaunt, Lornar's Pass, Wayfarer, Snowden, Diessa, Iron Marches, Fields of Ruin, Blazeridge, Southsun, Timberline, Draconis Mons, Dragon's Stand, Tangled Depths, Bloodstone Fen, Desolation, Istan, Elon Riverlands

  • I love forest, so my preference is early zones for Sylvari/Asura. HoT is also a great setting, love Auric Basin (HoT) for the events.

    For some reason desert, snow zones are least interesting for me. Icewind Dale (Interplay RPG) was too snowy, there's zones in Witcher 3 as well. But in th end all that counts is good gameplay in these zones. If it's a fun place to do quests it doesn't matter. :)

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    For me its Plains of Ashford, Diessa Plateau, Fields of Ruin, Fireheart Rise, Frostgorge Sound and Malchor's Leap.

  • Thornwolf.9721Thornwolf.9721 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Any of the shiverpeak zones, I love the snow atmosphere but I have to say the one they added in the living story is my favorite. A Frozen forest with massive trees and a frozen lake, its beautiful and dark and I just love it.