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unidentified gear "account magic find"

that's base with a max of 300% right? and not the "attribute" magic find right? right?


  • Wiki says the two aren’t separated out.

    Special attributes
    Magic Find: Improves loot quality. Part of account bonuses, and represented in the hero panel.

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    It's the attribute.
    Your actual magic find can be changed with foods, boosts, etc.
    The 300% maxed one is your account-wide base, and then you can change that per characters with those modifiers. But it's the one with modifiers that counts towards loot rolls, otherwise what's the point of having the modified one?

  • The maximum account-bound MF from luck is capped at 300%. You can also earn more via achievement points.
    But the unidentified gear doesn't care at all how you got your MF. You can boost it up to around 1100%, if you have max from luck and take advantage of Silverwastes boosts plus all the boosters and foods etc.

    FYI what little data we have offers strong evidence that MF matters a lot for unID gear (which suggests that it's worth keeping it as high as possible whenever you are killing lots of foes, as well as opening unID gear).

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