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Is current developer criticism warranted or are we just demanding too much?



  • Zoltreez.6435Zoltreez.6435 Member ✭✭✭

    looks at the state of the Necromancer through many years....

    yes its warranted.....

  • meeflak.9714meeflak.9714 Member ✭✭✭

    It's 99% unwarranted complaining...

    Main ranger: Adalyn Del Rayna. Plz stop saying raids are toxic.. raids are what you make them

  • If you're playing this game pure aiming for profit then you're nothing different than the gaming industry.
    A huge part of this game is made for playing together, even playing solo you can 'join' a group event and get rewarded. This is the foundation of open world GW2: Freedom.
    If you're tempted to buy expensive skins from the store, no one will stop you. And most of the other store content is simply convenience. Convenience as in luxury. Extra slots, inventory, storage.

    Meanwhile it's no problem for ArenaNet for you to enjoy the game and buy nothing, except the expansions if you're interested. Seasonal chapters are free as long as you login during it's first weeks of release....
    Jeez... what are we complaining about .

  • Consider, if everyone was agreeable and "nice guy" what would the world have achieved? If people earned pity prizes for participation! The world needs demand for there to be supply, companies invest billions in data mining information to know what customers want, based on their patterns ^^ Isn't that lovely? They may as well simply check on the forums for direct feedback, instead of "indirect" information, since what we decide to buy is less than ideal, it's limited by what's on the market, so this data mined info about our purchases, says nothing about our demands, it reciprocates on what we choose from a poor list of choices, sometimes these choices are provided based on earlier datamined info, thus outrage, yes some of us keep buying, but this isn't the ideal market and you're not making the ideal profit, datamining is not a predictor of customer satisfaction, we aren't faced with great choices anymore, instead we go for the least bad ones. So consider the forums the cheap and efficient way to know what people want and don't want, what we like and dislike, there's no need for you to treat us like guinea pigs, just go for the tried and true method of listening to feedback!

    **# It is the customer who pays the wages -Henry Ford. **

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