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Can we guest in different locations now?

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Back in guild wars 1, we were able to switch between the regions, NA, Eur, Asia, and aussie. I had joined a guild that was EU based back in Gw1, and I am still with some of them today.
Being from the U.S, when they would go and sleep, i would just switch to the american servers and continue playing.
When guild wars 2 came out, the game no longer allows us to switch between american/ european and it has really impacted me greatly.

I had chosen to join the european servers, to be with my guild but the issue now when everybody there is asleep the EU servers are dead.
I cannot jump onto the american servers without paying a ton in Gems, which is not something I really want to do since switching means I can no longer be with my guild.
Arenanet, it has been many many years since your game was introduced, can we finally make it possible for people to guest in different regions now?
I now mostly play during the afternoons on the weekend when I have time, when my guild is basically finished with their dinner and playing a little before they go to bed.
I don't care for WvW, I just want to be able to play the game at night during my time zone without going around solo.


  • I very much doubt they’ll change the way it’s set up, with account information stored in 1 of 2 data centers. However what you might consider doing is getting an account on the NA server and leveling one char to play with your friends. If you only want to play the core game you can make a free to play account.

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  • The gems just cost too much to allow this be more frequent. It's just not feasable to switch back and worth without basically paying 15 bucks. And I really don't want to make a second account just to be able to play the game more often.

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