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[POLL}Are you satisfied with the way the crafting is working ?

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I heard some complains about the crafting and I agree that the mechanic is not really different than others MMO (have materials, time et "tada" you have your piece).
I think GW2 should have a uniqueness that give interest and fun at crafting thing.

So, what is your opinion about it ? What do you think is good or bad ? How do you think things should be revamp/improved ?

[POLL}Are you satisfied with the way the crafting is working ? 108 votes

Yes, it's all good.
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Yes, but littles thing are missing/bad.
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No, but it can be worst.
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No, the system is bad.
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  • If you're maxed on that craft I think stuff should insta craft so when I'm making my 1000 stacks of mithril ingots it should be done instantly.


  • Martnor.1746Martnor.1746 Member ✭✭✭
    Yes, it's all good.

    My concern is the availability of certain materials. Some materials are arguably too easy to get hence their values is so low on the TP. I know it's great for people who need/want to buy them. Cheap stuff right? But it takes away the economical side of things. It's harder for traders to trade with mats. The prices keep dropping in the long term. I think the devs should control the supply level. Or come up with mats sinks.

  • Martnor.1746Martnor.1746 Member ✭✭✭
    Yes, it's all good.

    How about a small fee to make the corresponding discipline merchant do it for you and come back and get it later?

  • Blur.3465Blur.3465 Member ✭✭✭
    No, the system is bad.

    No, definitely not. I am avoiding to level Crafting Professions on my characters. I believe I have 400+ arti on one of my chars but that's about it, that's the only 'max' profession I have.
    It is slow, boring...and the thought of doing that again just kills me.
    Would much rather sell all these mats than spend them on crafting.

  • Shiyo.3578Shiyo.3578 Member ✭✭✭

    @Blur.3465 said:
    No, definitely not. I am avoiding to level Crafting Professions on my characters. I believe I have 400+ arti on one of my chars but that's about it, that's the only 'max' profession I have.
    It is slow, boring...and the thought of doing that again just kills me.
    Would much rather sell all these mats than spend them on crafting.

    You need to level crafts for BIS gear.

  • Blur.3465Blur.3465 Member ✭✭✭
    No, the system is bad.

    @Shiyo.3578 said:
    You need to level crafts for BIS gear.

    I can obtain BIS gear through Fractals and Raids, it's how I'm doing it. Crafting just kills me.

  • Ashen.2907Ashen.2907 Member ✭✭✭✭
    No, the system is bad.

    Entirely too much of this game is dependant on crafting. That dependence influences my real money spending habits heavily, causing me to question spending real money on the game.

  • No, but it can be worst.

    IMO they should:

    Remove all time gates

    Remove the bar for refining items once they no longer give xp

    Make refinement recipes all the universal. 2 into 1 for basic mat refinements, 50 into 1 for the ecto refinements, and 10 into 1 for all the mats going into ascended. This way its simplified and easier to understand for new and casual players. Use drop rates to adjust item values. I know a lot of people dislike this one but you will still be able to make money on the TP and it will not destroy the economy.

    Make all crafted items only bound on equip. Keep ascended BTA and everything below BTC. I know Arenanet has turned to using account bound crafting for most of the new attribute types and making everything sellable would remove a large chunk of the forced play time to earn them. But I believe that the cost of those items would still give many players something to work towards. Crafting is normally something optional in MMOs. As many do not like doing it. Making it a semi-mandatory part of the game is a big turn off for many. Making it so those that wish to be crafters can sell their wares or help friends, families, and guildies would be a great addition.

    Make it so Jeweler goes to level 500 and can craft ascended jewelry and have every stat combo available. Make all jewelry sellable on the TP.

    Make it so Chef goes to level 500 and can craft level 80 ascended food of every type. Increase duration and stats on these new foods.

  • Vavume.8065Vavume.8065 Member ✭✭✭✭
    No, the system is bad.

    The crafting system felt old 5 years ago when we first got it, cooking is by far the worst offender, the recipes require far to many ingredients to be worth making, and they continue to pump out these recipes year after year, which no one ever uses...

  • The system itself is fine (except for cooking). The issue is there isn’t much reason to craft things.

  • Bish.8627Bish.8627 Member ✭✭✭
    Yes, but littles thing are missing/bad.

    The sets like Marauder are too expensive, as is ascended crafting. There are great sites giving step by step guides on crafting, I do feel sometimes amounts of items in recipes gets a bit complex. But otherwise I do enjoy crafting in this game.

  • Yes, it's all good.

    Yes it's all good. The game is F2P. Gathering mats, daily crafts won't cost your subscription. It's as simple as that.
    But I agree I'd love to have my items I want so badly asap. But be honest are you satisfied when you have it? Or just want a little more?
    I think this game is more about having fun (together) than getting the stufff you want. Having fun is priceless, getting what you want and wanting more is unsatiable.

  • IndigoSundown.5419IndigoSundown.5419 Member ✭✭✭✭
    No, the system is bad.

    I didn't like the crafting system before Ascended, but it got a lot worse after Ascended crafting was introduced.

    I had made a grudging peace with crafting since Asc. crafting made the materials I salvaged and gathered worth enough to TP. Now, however, ANet has seen fit to increase supplies of a lot of materials at a time when it seems demand for a lot of them has either remained static or even declined. As a pessimist, I am looking for the market to get worse instead of better. That means my only reason to not hate crafting is eroding.

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  • No, the system is bad.

    Crafting is way too pointless, and expensive, you spend on crafting, you don't craft to earn... What kind of crafting are we talking about? Is it fun? Is it a hobby? No, it's a chore, and an investment, you put gold into it, and then you spend ages wondering how to make gold out of it. What is it for then? Ascended, legendaries and that's pretty much everything summed up, any item below level 80 is worthless in this game anyways, so from 1-to-500 a profession is WORTHLESS, and a waste of Gold, there are no other euphemisms, I can't say the system is ok, sub-par, "could be better", I like to say things as they come to mind, no sugarcoating, this isn't Orwell yet! THE SYSTEM IS LOUSY!!!! NO GOOOD!!!! POIIIINTLEEESSS!!! -Cups hands around the mouth- YOU GET ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

    Just another way to fleece customers, the outrage is justified, let it roar!

    And to end the tirade, here's a video that summarizes GW2 RNG.
    <----- RNG ^^

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  • Crossaber.8934Crossaber.8934 Member ✭✭✭
    Yes, but littles thing are missing/bad.

    Crafting is more or less okay to me, but the most terrible thing is to find your new recipe when u don’t bother to remember the name.

    To me crafting in GW2 is easy enough to learn which i never bothered to do in other games.


  • Umut.5471Umut.5471 Member ✭✭✭
    edited December 9, 2017
    Yes, but littles thing are missing/bad.

    It's ok but professions should be account bound to all characters. It only reduces QoL in the game to have character bound professions. I can just switch and craft the same thing anyway, but it would be easier to acess them from a single character.

  • Erasculio.2914Erasculio.2914 Member ✭✭✭✭
    No, but it can be worst.

    My issues:

    • Crafting not being instant. Really, that bar we see is completely pointless. It's so bad a time sink that it's almost offensive.

    • When you have maxed a discipline, the entire list becomes grey. We should have the option of changing the color of the items in the production list so they match rarity. Everything becoming grey when nothing gives experience makes the entire color coding worthless.

    • Too many intermediate steps. I wish inscriptions and insignias didn't exist anymore; instead, we would directly use the crafting component with the weapon/armor component (so, for example, it would be just "Orichalcum Greatsword Blade" + " Orichalcum Greatsword Hilt" + "Vial of Powerful Blood")

    • Crafting different stats is too heterogeneous. All stat combinations are equally powerful, with arguably one of the first ones being the most useful in a large part of PvE (berserker). Why is it, then, that crafting different stats is so annoying? We have time gates for celestial stats, the need of massive amounts of flax for some others, and so on. I wish crafting different stats for the same skin were more homogeneous, with the weird recipes being used only for different skins.

    • Not everything can be crafted. We cannot make, for example, Soldier insignias; rather, those have to be bought. There are still stats combinations from PvP that cannot be used in PvE. If there's one thing crafting should be useful for, is crafting all possible stat combinations.

    • The order of items in the production list is annoying. Alphabetic order is kinda useless when there are things we have to use for every item (the crafting components and the refinements). The order should be: Refinements, Obsidian refinements, Ectoplasm refinements, Components, then the final products in alphabetic order like we have today.

    • The entire crafting process is way too grindy, especially when talking about ascended crafting. It's simply way too annoying.

    How about some anti eyes bleeding options? Here's the direct link to the concept.

  • No, but it can be worst.

    My main issue with crafting is how generally pointless it feels. I need 500 armor smith to make ascended gear or just to get rid of my ascended materials but all the money I put into it is pointless. I don't get to use anything I craft and breaking it down again isn't really a refund of what I used.

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  • No, but it can be worst.

    It's imbalanced in terms of resource availability (e.g., getting leather and cloth) and there are problems with getting resources at low levels (e.g., copper and green wood), not just the special items (e.g., teeth, blood, scales, etc.) needed for insignias and modifiers to the crafting recipes. Without those insignias, it is impossible to level crafting. As such, I play nine different characters and my level 80's periodically go back to low level areas just to get mats for my low level characters.
    Well-done crafting allows players to craft items that are consistent with the character level, presuming that they are attentive with obtaining resources as they level up. In GW2 -- especially after they dumbed down the game and made it so easy to level -- characters will out-level their ability to craft gear very quickly. Crafting skills then lag significantly until a player reaches level 80. Even cooking produces foods that are not very useful to higher level characters, not to mention that only one food buff is active at a time; why produce 50 cakes, cookies, pies, or whatever if it will take you all year to eat them? In that respect, it's obvious that crafting wasn't very well thought out.
    Mostly, it seems crafting was intended to be a time-sink and a gold-sink in addition to filling up our bags and banks with junk, thus giving us incentive to buy more bag-space and bank-space at the TP.
    I have found that selling mats is about the only [legal] way to make gold in the game... obviously, given the number of necromancer bots I see, there are other ways, too, but I'm not going to resort to that.

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  • No, but it can be worst.

    The crafting system in this game is meh, like WoW's. I'd say they should make theirs more like Final Fantasy 14's, which is much more deep, but I could see this being too much work on their part.

  • No, the system is bad.

    I find the crafting system incredibly boring to use. Sure, I've levelled it all up, but I never get a sense of achievement or fun from crafting. Maybe if it included some sort of mini-game or personal skill instead of grind I'd enjoy it more?

  • Anchoku.8142Anchoku.8142 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited December 9, 2017

    For a game with so much RNG, it is disappointing there is no RNG in crafting.

    Why can I not have crafting outcome be affected by RNG and hidden variables?

    It is nice to have a minimum outcome but, without some chance of failed, lower, higher, and exceptional outcome, there is little reward for doing more than the minimum and not much fun.

  • No, the system is bad.

    There is nothing in this game I've had so many struggles with as I did with crafting. It's so incredibly time consuming non-interactive and thus boring that I have never bothered with it until I couldn't find a reasonable way around it anymore (which was when I needed the first ascendet things) and even then I struggled to level up my crafting and actually quit the game for a few months because I hated it so much.
    I hope they will change it at some point and make it more interactive - I don't mind crafting beeing tedious but atleast make it fun and engaging instead of just huge lists and waiting times until your 250 Mithril Ingots are done. At the very least give us some visual stimulation, like our Character using an Amboss or ANYTHING other than a progress bar filling up 250 times...

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  • Shirlias.8104Shirlias.8104 Member ✭✭✭✭
    Yes, it's all good.

    Crafting is imho almost useless.
    I couldn't be happier.

  • No, but it can be worst.

    My biggest gripe with crafting are the 1/day mats. It should only take me as long as it takes to farm the mats for an ascended set, not a whole kitten month.

  • Yes, but littles thing are missing/bad.

    <---New Player: The one thing no one can ever get back is time! I am wasting much of it trying to figure out why! Why after doing some crafting in Artificer to level 49, the new recipes given are all red, and all the rest of the recipes light gray, meaning I can no longer craft. A clue to get recipes that will afford experience would be grand. I have checked with the NPC supplies. I bought the first on the list and it is a red recipe. Checked on BL Trading and no recipes at all to be had.

    Other than the above issue, which is NOT a complaint in regards to "crafting", I would like to warn! GW2 crafting system is an absolute GEM compared to the nightmares of other games crafting systems!

  • No, but it can be worst.

    I think the current crafting system isn't fun, intuitive or even really usable without external guides, but at least it's functional.


    • If you have the recipe unlocked, crafting the item and any sub-items is easy.
    • Materials are taken from inventory and storage.
    • The crafting result is predictable.


    • Unlocking new recipes can be far from intuitive (especially cooking).
    • Recipes can be spread across the entire game and only wiki knows where to get the recipe you're looking for.
    • Some recipes require a mix of mystic forge and crafting station components. Sometimes an item requires components from multiple different crafting stations. Not being able to craft the item from start to end at one station is unnecessarily complicated.

    No skin should be exclusive to gem-store rng boxes.
    What really happened with mount skins

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