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What makes a good team?

Besides the regular communication and jolly cooperation, I never really understood what to look for when pairing up with another person or going for a full 5 man team.
Bunkers, supports, and damage dealers are good, but is there more to it? Who initiates? Which class spec should hold the line? I hope these questions aren't redundant to just having class knowledge, but when I watch 5v5 vids I have a hard time learning a teams order of operations.
Thanks in advance.

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    Harmony between Players , general mind-setup. Flexibility. Self reflection
    Class knowledge is a big thing. Buffs/boons , key abilitys. For competetive gaming it's probably good to have a set 5 man team with 2 professions on each player. Know the strengths and weak-spots of ur members and especially on URSELF. Find a way to work and improve as a team with those issues.

    League of legends talking says ; Grops with flamers loose 30% more then groups with nice advicing. (something like that).

    Have a Plan. -> Use the 1 minute pregame time.

    Happyness -> loosing 5 games in a row happens. It's nothing to rage about -> seek mistakes, try improving.

    Mirage since Day 1 - It got better!

  • I was hoping for some advice involving the meta, like if guardians compliment rangers well and such. I've played plenty of solo games and duels but never had a duo partner. If the classes all compliment each other in general, then that's cool. I would like to hear what people are running with in duo teams at least.

  • I, as a shout power ranger, usually run with a scourge necro duo just to make sure I have one. On occassion I might duo with a good thief or mesmer - but that is more of a friend-thing than a tryhard win setup. In general I attempt to make sure I bring a heavy damage dealer - and this is because I myself got the means to "support" them through ress, peeling, boons and healing while bringing some fair damage to the table.

    In other words, I myself always found myself doing better when looking for people doing some other job than I do - in this case either roaming or super team damage. I have tried duo with an scrap engi / supportive ele... But that usually goes pretty terrible since we do not have the means to together focus down high priority targets in team fights. I usually do best with scourge necros (I wonder why...) but have been doing well with revs n warriors too.

    My personal tip would be - if you play a supportive class, look for a damage dealer. If you play a heavy damage dealing class, look for a supportive class. Obviously anything works, but bringing different roles always improves chances of having a well-balanced team setup :) I hope this somewhat answers your question even though the reply is late.

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