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Biggest struggle with Soulless Horror is not the mechanics, its the colors

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Currently 4 different mechanics share the same ground marker color, two which are instant death. The wall, the platform collapse, the 4/8 attack, and the small circle attacks. Light yellow with some red in it. The two remaining game mechanics are thankfully a bit darker.

It is really a hard differentiate between the instant death markers from the non-instance death. When the screen is filled with the 8 attack markers, you are supposed to see (with a rather short notice) a square shape among it. I have by now seen several times how people die when those two mix, not because they miss played but rather because they didn't see the instant death marker. I do not believe this is what the game developer intended when designing the encounter.

I am hoping that taco will fix this problem, but even better would be if this actually was changed in the game.


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    I kinda have to agree, it's definitely not helpful that the color for negative ground aoes keeps changing from content to content.

    I personally liked the bright orange one best so far, obviously doesn't work all to well with a dark red floor.

    I still think arenanet should add an in game option which reduces visual noise especially of friendly skills automatically in raids and fractals.

    Yes them flashy effects look nice but once you see them for the thousandth time you get bored.

    Oh and cudos to the sadist developer who thought that a bright flash on Shattershot (Renegade Short Bow 1, basically the auto attack) was a good idea. Last time I had a renegade use that skill while I was tanking Deimos I nearly went blind. Turns out, a flashy skill on auto attack on a large hit box target which takes up 1/3 of your screen is not that great. Who would have guessed... :/

  • Make the walls red colour

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    if you make your graphic lower, it helps to see the wall better for this first instance. after a few practice and training.. its easy to know and avoid the walls. they move really slow and character run much much faster than it is moving so if you move diagonally you get to avoid it better .

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