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What Happened to Revenant?



  • Because revenant has been a badly designed profession from day one that is entirely dependent on its elite specs to be relevant or good. It didn't get worse, it just sucked in a different way.

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    I haven't touch the game ever since I completed PoF. The issue with condi burst was a thing back then. With this anet just proved themselves that they can't balance nor understand their players at all.
    Condition burst way too much - yes a nerf/tweak to it agreed.
    Renegade condition nerf together - Wat why? As if the class isn't already bad. If they bothered reading the forums they would be able to tell players didn't like Renegade condition wise at all. Not one bit. Welp let's just 'fix' every single class all together.
    Great wonderful job. I don't even know what's there to look forward to when I bought PoF with renegade being the selling point and here we get a soggy noodle with spit inside.
    Gw2 launch : 10/10
    now : :anguished: /10

  • I feel like if they just left equilibrium alone none of this would be a problem lol

  • @BeepBoopBop.5403 said:
    Because Anet balances on PvE.

    If you're a PvE person oh boy this game is for you.

    If you're a PvP person might as well leave now imo. PvP balance will always be kitten as long as balance decisions affecting EVERYONE are made based on raid boss situations.

    Actually, the PVE is balance is incredibly bad compared to the two other top played NA MMOs. (WoW/FF).

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    @Substatic.6958 said:
    Actually, the PVE is balance is incredibly bad compared to the two other top played NA MMOs. (WoW/FF).

    Coming from WoW I disagree to an extent. At least in this game you won't go from top tier to bottom tier with one single nerf to an item or have to worry if your playstyle is going to be fun with new tier gear and trinkets that get added every few months.

    One thing I will give Blizzards dev team is they are pretty quick with addressing severe issues with under performing classes. Then again bigger company with a larger balance team means they can do that.