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Static raid team [AT] EU

Tensi.5981Tensi.5981 Member ✭✭
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Static team for raids! \o/
Raiding on Tuesday + Wednesday 8pm CET. (Sunday is a bonus day but for now it's on hold.)
We clear W1-W4 on Mondays (~3h) and Tuesday is for W5.
Discord required! Don't be afraid of talking, otherwise we'll bite.
We are not a guild but a raid team.
!! Looking for a good dps (power/condi) !!

Still interested? Keep going!
Hey there. We are a bunch of chill guys in their twenties and up raiding together since summer.
We don't need backup dancers so we aren't trying to form a glorified raid lfg. Instead wanna raid mostly with the same people weekly!
Offline -life comes first and most things can be organized with some coordination, so speak up and get involved - we'll try to make things work.
If you're still reading, you should know that you'll have to deal with bad puns, sarcasm, sensless chit-chat without really forgetting all the nerdy
lyfe stuff while struggling to get by in life and other salty kittens.

Requirements: Some raid experience but more experienced also welcome :-)

  • Would prefer it if you could be there every week throughout the raid (max 3h)
  • Mostly ascended gear + trinkets + food and a build off or
  • Good knowledge of the raid encounters but willing to meet half way.
  • Profession wise our aim is that everyone can play a support and a dps class for the sake of everyone's enjoyment. (playing the fillers)
  • We have quite tailored wings so everyone gets to play more than one role.
  • We would prefer it that you're generally fairly experienced at the game.
  • Lastly have patience and don't take things too seriously.

TLDR: Just be a chill dude or gal with a bit of a competitive side, who doesn't mind paying effort and is not afraid of commitment. ;-)

We want to get to know each other so won't be recruiting masses but individuals.
Mail me in-game Tensi.5981 for info /invite.
Get to know us and crash our voip!