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[NA][TC][PvX] Returning Playering looking for casual guild

Garack.1843Garack.1843 Member
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Hi folks! I've been playing GW2 on and off since the Karka event. With Path of Fire's recent addition of mounts I've really gotten into the game and figured now is a great time to look for a guild. I like doing any sort of content, though I will admit I am not quite good at Jumping Puzzles. I live on the east coast, and tend to play at ~6PM-11PM(EST) depending upon work/college schedule. I'm looking for a guild, preferably on Tarnished Coast since I'd like to screw around in WvW again, that likes to do random kitten with friends for the hell of it. I've tried looking around on other sites but I'm having trouble finding up to date information/TC guilds in general. Even being pointed toward an up-to-date recruitment database would be helpful! Thanks all!

A bit about myself, with no particular organization:
I've been playing MMOs since vanilla WoW. I used to be big into roleplaying, but as of late I haven't had much energy for it. At one point I was the admin of a community discord for Wildstar's Dominion RP community. I tend to be pretty decent at making gold in games, and I like to use it to help out with things for guilds and such periodically. I enjoy collection achievements like the ones for the Gryphon mount. I'm majoring in computer science in college, so I know how to code fairly well in Java, and know the basics of python. I tend to joke around a lot.