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Deadeye Rifle WvW/PvP Fix

arenta.2953arenta.2953 Member ✭✭✭
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I'd say the reason deadeye rifle is trash in pvp is because to use it efficiently you need to kneel

and kneeling is bad.

GW2's "range" is actually pretty dang short range. even shorter when you realize how many shots u need to kill.

therefore, mobility is king. ranged fighting turns into kiting the far stronger damage melee opponent. as your only advantage is you can hit him, he can't hit you.

but kneeling takes that away. you lose the ability to kite, and thus they will reach you fast. add to that as a thief. you tend to have low hp. low armor. so your need for mobility is that much greater

if you don't kneel. your dmg is.....well...unimpressive.

plus we have ranger longbow. which has the same 1500 range u do, while maintaining its mobility. plus a bit more range if you have height advantage......

how to fix this?

i'd say one of the following

option 1: give rifle 1500 range even when not kneeling. and stun/daze immunity when kneeling (but not knockdown/knockback)
also, when kneeling. give the rifle the same height advantage range bonus as longbow.

option 2: when kneeling, make it so u can move. but at a slow speed (as if you crippled)

option 3: do away with kneeling entirely. make its dmg default for rifle. but have some skills stop you to fire (think ranger longbow's #5)

Option 4: flat out 100% endurance recovery boost (taken from a ranger skill). considering you can't move, being able to dodge more often would help alot.

now for another issue...Cursed bullet.

so i'm not sure if this was intentional. but this "bullet" has a rather long flight time to target.

whats bad about that? well.....theres a 3 secound cooldown for stealth attacks......which means when you shoot the cursed bullet, your waiting for it to hit the target, before you can use any other skill. so your sitting there in stealth, waiting for it to hit.

compare this to other stealth attacks, they hit instantly. allowing you to get stealth over with and use your other skills. not have a buffer delay.

so the fix for this? make it hit like a normal shot. don't do this 1-2 second wait time for it to hit the enemy and let you continue shooting like normal. your not a necro with a staff, your a projectile with a gun.


  • Zacchary.6183Zacchary.6183 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited December 23, 2017

    I like option 4 the best. Would make kneeling more immersive with a "resting"-like permavigor on it.

    Steady Sniper Deadeye
    Thief GS - Dark Knight

  • arenta.2953arenta.2953 Member ✭✭✭

    @Zacchary.6183 said:
    I like option 4 the best. Would make kneeling more immersive with a "resting"-like permavigor on it.

    aye. i'm in favor of 4 or 2

  • In regards to Cursed bullet, it may be the intended that it traveled slow so that you can land multiple hits on the target at the same time from stealth. A little 'Stealth Burst' perhaps (Even if it doesn't always hit that hard)
    I'd not mind 4, or mayhaps the unthinkable further increase in range. Give us 1500 baseline range like a longbow while not kneeling and I don't know, 2000 range? Not sure how much that would effect things.

  • arenta.2953arenta.2953 Member ✭✭✭
    edited December 25, 2017

    another option. would be to pulse 1 stability, and protection. while kneeling. (cause u smaller target and more stable)

    similar to engineer's flamethrower trait (which is stability and might)

    Gain might and stability while wielding a flamethrower.

    Might.png Might (15s): +30 Power, +30 Condition Damage
    Stability.png Stability (3s): Cannot be knocked down, pushed back, pulled, launched, stunned, dazed, floated, sunk, feared or taunted.
    Radius.png Interval: 3 s

    for Deadeye, Kneel could be

    Gain Protect and stability while Kneeling.

    Protect.png Protect(3s)
    Stability.png Stability (3s):
    Radius.png Interval: 3 s

  • second thread ? l2p rifle .... kneel is nice with shadow arts, good for kite ...

  • arenta.2953arenta.2953 Member ✭✭✭
    edited December 25, 2017

    @Elyxia.2943 said:
    second thread ? l2p rifle .... kneel is nice with shadow arts, good for kite ...

    its not good for kite. at all.

    if your going to kite, ranger's longbow is better in every way because it maintains the mobility. not to mention ranger has superior stun breaks, condition removals, and (KEY HERE) access to stability. something thief doesn't get. thief's only skill that grants stability is dagger storm, which isn't usable with skills due to being a skill itself rather than a support.

    in the end, you have a thief that relies on mobility due to lack of armor, hp, and survivability. without its mobility.
    sure, it can use stealth, but its burst is rather...subpar. requiring time.
    you can choose not to kneel, but if you do then your 100% inferior to pistol/pistol. which flat out beats rifle so hilariously outside of kneel.

    if your going to force thief to be immobile to use rifle efficiently, you need to do something to coutner the fact that thief doesn't work without mobility due to lack of Armor, HP, HP sustain, Condition Removal, Stunbreaks, and Stability.

    its a glass cannon, relying on speed to survive.

    but they removed the speed for rifle.

  • MUDse.7623MUDse.7623 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Elyxia.2943 said:
    second thread ? l2p rifle .... kneel is nice with shadow arts, good for kite ...

    ^this IMO. at least in WvW i dont have issues to kite. only rangers, mesmer, thief and FA ele can get an issue but those i can either oneshot with backstab (most mesmer /hief/FA ele) or i got immob while shooting DJ (ranger) so i can pretty reliably oneshot any build that is a threat to me in that department in WvW.

    as for curesed bullet i do think it is fine, it hits hard, is unblockable and has boon corrupt. while being slow it can be combined to burst with another attack. the issu is tho that every stealth attack will make you revealed regardless if you are stealthed or not. i think they could remove this for cursed bullet as i often hit my opponents with it when stealth already is gone for a while.

  • Elyxia.2943Elyxia.2943 Member ✭✭
    edited December 26, 2017

    you press evade/ healskill/port on kneel ... or you press skill 5 2 times, or you switch weapon... for mobility...
    i have no problems to kite with rifle ...

    you have with stealth a nice condi remove + 2 cd skills to clean , heal and ini reg, run faster ... great build to kite lol ...

    i have a prob with cast time from rifle/skill (mark) and very long cd and the laserlightshow ..

    the same prob ... or a real prob without shadow arts ... is mark/skill cast time .. the build with s/d ... and weak condi clean over akro...

    100 % right is s/p + riffle give you more dangerous, but drop 80% from you mobility ... ok nice with target for port
    meele with 11.645 live is like a bomb. (9k) with auto...
    haha balance in wvw and spvp... so different...