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Title says it all. I'm not a pro just a fellow gamer looking for a home. I have tried and tried to play this game in the past and my main group of players that I play with don't want to play GW2. So here I am, I'm interested in WvW PvP and PvE I want to experience all aspects of the game really. I'm not looking for a hand out either, although I do want to be apart of a populated active guild with some sort of voice coms. I currently have a warrior, ranger, and engineer at lvl 80 might be interested in lvling another toon. Please feel free to contact me here or Next.3951 is my handle. Looking forward to hearing from you!



  • Hello,

    [HERO] sounds like a great fit for you. A large number of our members are getting back into the game now, same as you, and are interested in all aspects of the game. Hero is a PvX guild, and we are mainly a pick up and play guild, with Game Nights every Saturday where we do guild missions and other themed events. We do PvP, some WvW, FoTM, and other high end PvE content. We use discord and are very active and fun loving, always on discord to joke around.

    If this interests you, or you'd like more information, feel free to whisper me in game, or send a reply here. You can check out the GW2 forum post as well, for other officers' contact information if I'm not online. Thanks,

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    hi, if you are in nsp, hook me up. slayers xd will be happy to have you. or find a guild here to help you.

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