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Volunteering in Snowball Mayhem still does not count for daily win

Cronos.6532Cronos.6532 Member ✭✭✭
edited December 27, 2017 in Bugs: Game, Forum, Website

Since coin rewards were removed in 2015 (?) volunteering no longer gives you any sort of reward in this mode. PvP coin rewards were also better than Wintersday gifts, please bring them back.

Also bring AP rewards for playing 150 games back.



  • I don't believe it did last year, either. It may be intended. /shrug

  • Cronos.6532Cronos.6532 Member ✭✭✭

    It didn't, due to using the new system. It wasn't fixed.


  • Urud.4925Urud.4925 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I didn't want to open a new thread, so I'll post here (it's not that long since last post).

    I enjoyed this wintersday event, but the Snowball Mayhem needs some adjustment imho. The problem was that the matches started even if the 2 teams were not even in numbers, so after that 1 team brought the first gift to the base, all the players that joined the match in the losing and smaller team, they simply left after few seconds. When you play with 3 team-mates vs 6 opponents, with 200 points to recover, no one remains in your team (also because the daily is to win, not to participate).

    To avoid this unsportmanslike behaviour, I'd put a wait of 3 minutes for all the players that decide to leave the instance before the end, like for the regular pvp matches (when you apply and then dismiss when the match is ready to start). You can leave for any IRL reason, obviously, (and in that case, waiting 3 minutes before reapplying to another instance, it shouldn't be a problem) but if you do it because you prefer to leave your team to lose, and find a team that it's winning... well, you deserve to wait 3 minutes. Maybe in this way, you could try to help your team, since you should wait 3 minutes in any case.