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[EU] Recruitment[JS] small guild looking to grow

Recruitment[JS] small guild looking to grow. We’re hoping to create a friendly atmosphere where everyone can have fun together.
Members can start guild missions when they want. Rep is not required.

We also have a Discord!. You dont have to use the voice stuff. Its just fun to share stuff with your fellow guildies, Memes/Music/CatPics. Give me a shout if you are interested in joining!. Whisper me ingame at Trickfully.1830

Iknow what you’re thinking. That was a short forum recruitment post. We were thinking short and sweet was the way to go. Since you’ve probably read trough hundreds of other guild recruitments before you stumpled across ours. We really are a non traditional guild who plan to run the guild together with our members. So we’re not just a few "guild leaders" who decide everything. You and everyone else in the guild are a part of deciding the future of the guild.