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Hello Anet,
I am currently playing Scrapper. Sometimes when I'm in a fight in WvW, I am unable to stomp a downed player. Instead of having the option to finish an opponent, I get something called Gyro Smash. It messes up my WvW fights, because I am unable to stomp enemies when my gyro is on cool down. It is not always possible to simply cleave my downed opponents. I did take screenshots of this issue. However, I have no idea how to post screenshots on the forums.


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    how to link image here.

    upload it in image uploads. copy link. post here or in bug section.

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  • Thanks you two for the tip. These are the images of what I get when the game does not allow me to finish an enemy. This sometimes happens, but I am not sure why.

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    Gyro stomp and regular stomp is unrelated. If you try to normally stomp someone close but get gyro stomp, you need to stomp "twice" (the first F action will start the gyro stomp, the second will start the normal stomp). You can stomp them at 1200 range otherwise (I think it is), you will see the gyro deploy over them. It's on a 20s cd I believe. If you have traited final salvo, the gyro stomp will have it's own stability, otherwise it's easily interrupted/knocked back. I havent played scrapper in a while but I have never heard of any issues not being able to stomp people even if the gyro fails. When I ran it as my main I often stomped two people at once, or fought the other guy in a 1v2 while the gyro did it's job.

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    I think he's saying he gets the Gyro stomp interact even when the function gyro is on cooldown. This should be posted in the engi forum, no?

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    It's because the Gyro function pops up when there are downed allies nearby instead because of prioritization code of targets. You are first required to rez your allies unless you specifically target your downed opponent. Because of this mechanical functionality, the F will not allow you to spike opponents until you either rez your ally first or target then downed and then use F.

    It's clunky.

    There's also sometimes weird lag where the internal cooldown of Gyro (and other abilities) is kept client side but the server does not allow you to use the ability and WvW is notorious for lag spike/server clock issues. It's usually just milliseconds off (for me) though.

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