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Hello, I am new to Guild Wars, I am playing a thief a necro and a revenant...

panchovilla.5986panchovilla.5986 Member ✭✭
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Hello, I am new to Guild Wars, I am playing a thief a necro and a revenant, I have addressed a similar question about my necro to the necro forum, and my thief as well.
I have burned insta 80 tokens on all 3
I don't have access to herald or renegade right now.
I will be pursuing my hero points with grind groups.
But how is a good way to address my build while I am still a core thief?
My gear is power based, I have a decent axe, 2 swords, a mace and a hammer.
When I first burned my insta 80 token it was dual swords and hammer and then I started experimenting.
I think the mace is a condition damage weapon so I am going to drop it and go back to dual swords, or maybe sword axe.
I am trying to settle on one of these professions, so I am trying to get the best advice I can to go forward with.

Any thoughts on this build?


  • Justine.6351Justine.6351 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Way to tanky. Power revenant is something you don't want to get hit on. Go berserker gear.


    Once you have herald unlocked ask again for an updated build utilizing that.

    Anet buff me :-(
    Make me good at game!

  • Thank you :) very much

  • Klowdy.3126Klowdy.3126 Member ✭✭✭

    Most people prefer sword/axe, but since the update for OH sword, i like it a bit better. Hammer for the range, or staff for support. I would also suggest going for herald first. Renegade is nice to finish off the Condi spec, but that is all. It doesn't make it that much better to even notice, or change how it plays, it just completes the spec. Herald at least gives a useful weapon, and allows for some decent pug support/dps.

    Just know that rev can do many things, but is not great at any of them. You will not fill a role in raids, high end fractals, or high end PvP. I'm not saying you can't do them, but unless you have a group you run with, you will be limited on end game content. Most pugs on that level want specific specs, because there is obviously only one way to do things. We have the meta, and no one is allowed to deviate. If you want to do those things, you will more than likely need to make your own group, and deal with people dropping because a rev is taking a spot from some other "more deserving" class.

  • For hero point grinding without access to herald I would recomend using mace as a power weapon in conjunction with Legendary Dwarf stance so you can create lighting blast finishers by yourself and gain swiftness as a result. This will help you go for Renegade first in case you want to start doing fractals as dps and have a spec that feels closer to core thief, or just to make traveling easier as you grind herald.

    Personaly I disagree with Klowdy as I feel shield is not as usefull as he claims - 30 energy to root yourself and heal when taking damage is a tad to much,as well as aoe application of protection + a small aoe heal on 4 pales in comparison with finishing the condi spec.

    Personaly I would not settle on Revenant as my main profesion simply because the elitist crowd in this game have a very big mouth and finding open minded people who can accept that Revenant's ability to cover multiple roles is it's strongest advantage of this class are very few. However if you play with friends, both Herald healer and Renegade healer specs are very good, because they can cover the need of having a chrono and a druid in your party - but keep in mind that Herald has spamable protection application but weaker allacrity application (Renegade adds 1 skill with which to add alacrity that is centered and if I recall corectly,moves with yourself).