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THE Best spot for TREB and CATA to assault Red on EBG.

SweetPotato.7456SweetPotato.7456 Member ✭✭✭

Location 1 - on the Vista Hill over looking Red Keep on EBG - simultaneously trebbing the outer and inner wall plus desieging the entire stretch of outer wall all at once. See picture below


  • Location 2: Super sneaky location, drop cata hiding inside the wall at foot hill of mendon. then you bring your troop pretending to attack at the gate. voila.

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    and you realized it just now ? like i see an attack from there every week.

    loc1: used like ALOT, nothing special.
    loc2: like with every 'sneak' cata works only if you not get spottet, if you do that spot is trash and to not get spottet you got to hope the defenders are blind and play with no sound, sneak positions are generally only good if you attack an undefended structure so you can reuse them later.
    loc3: you wonder how many catas at that spot i have destroyed with cannon or ballista from south outer wall of the keep while the dudes on the cata had their eyes up on the wall. and you can hit there with ac but it is hard.
    loc4: you should only do that if you already took the keep and then you can just shoot from the keep, else they will just plant balliste/treb what ever behind and kill your stuff there.
    loc5: that one is good, i have had so far only to deal with one cata trying to abuse that invisible wall and i was was able to kill it with AoE from treb when not shooting right on it, so might have been placed a little wrong.

    there are as many 'good' positions like that for both other sides on ebg and pretty much most structures in the game.

    i dont really understand your intention behind the thread. is it to tell us how we can fight the oh so mighty red servers? or do you want to tell us how bad the red side is to defend ? then you lack evidence of how much better you can defend the other sides of the map. if this is supposed to be a guide on how to attack each structure in WvW, they i would adive more to get more detailed, not just positions and more structure. best would probably to create an interactive map on how to siege if you want to make a guide.

  • Location 3: Once inside the red keep go to the inner wall facing SMC and drop as many cata as you like where the arrow is pointing, it is a cravices that hides all your cata from getting destroy, so all you need is 1 shield generators to protect all the catas, since the players inside keep can't do a thing to kill your cata, the only way is to jump right into the mob and lay dying. Loads of lol time ahead.

  • Location 4: This one is my most favourite, now that you cannot go on the slope inside Ogrewatch to kill the siege. (it was already hard before) now its even harder, place all your cata inside the cravices under the nice safe haven of the bridge. You will also only need 1 shield generator as catapult has shield bubble of their own to ward from siege disabler, Loads of lol ahead as the player who tried to even come near you dies. you can /dance on their dead corpse.

    keep watching this space for more Loads of LOL location for assaulting the Red side of ebg map Thank you for watching.

  • I dont have a screenshot for this one, but when I do, i will post it, you have to imagine this in your head.

    Ogrewatch Towers , if you place your catas correctly around 2 cm from the exit/gate in the middle of the opening as you enter ogre camp, your cata will be shield from assault as there is an invisible wall covering it. so test out the location, and Thank You for placing Ogrewatch at such a lousy place to protect. so much LOL.

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    Location 1 & 3 pictures that were used, i was in the red team and all i will say is this crappy tactics only work in outnumbered OCX/SEA time when a server doesn't have enough players to defend.
    Never saw them try this in prime NA time.

  • ThunderPanda.1872ThunderPanda.1872 Member ✭✭✭
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    Location 5: Have a map queue 3am in the morning.

    Let's be honest, you're not going to take eb red keep in any non karma train time unless you have an over numbering blob or the other server is utterly one push kitten with t1 keep. If you want to play a ppt game, go to a BL, stop wasting your precious ppt energy in eb.

    Power > Condition

  • Baldrick.8967Baldrick.8967 Member ✭✭✭

    Location 6: anywhere, where there are no defenders.

    Location 7: anywhere, even when there are defenders if they are useless and hug their walls afraid their pixels might get hurt.

    Location 8: anywhere, as long as you can defend them.

    As for the OW one, you can place a ballista to fire through the gate at the right angle and destroy the trebs or catas, as well as supporting any push through to kill them.

    And it's amazing how often setting up a ballista behind these spots works- build it, the entire enemy zerg runs towards you, meanwhile 5-6 friendlies jump down and destroy the siege. Tactics.

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