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What is the mother of all issues in WvW ?



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    There will always be class imbalance, but they do actively balance classes and specializations.

    Not for WvW they don't, the first three years of the game balance was virtually entirely around PvP, then when they added PvE raids they also started balancing around that, wvw has never received anything but the odd crumb when it comes to class balance.

    Which is why if you look at large scale for instance, for the entire game you've had a class like guardian required in vast numbers, whilst half the classes have been surplus to requirements or you might want a couple in some niche role like veilbots.

    They've balanced quite a few classes and skills due to balance issues in WvW.

    In response to surplus classes - every class has a role in WvW, some guilds or commanders just choose not to integrate them into comp. I maintain a build sheet and comp sheet for our server to use and update and include changes that work and even ones that don't (yet).

    The issue is still population balance.

    There is no group stealth with Ranger/Soulbeast. Smokescale gives short stealth to the player only, not his peeps.

    smokescale gives a combo field wich then can be used by multiple people to blast for AoE stealth.

    i cant decide if its mainly the people playing this mode or the brainless combat that is the greater issue. both cause this mode to kind of being unfun at times and drains my motivation to play the game thats why i am now more here in the forums and less ingame :D

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