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[Sugg.] Turn WvW into “Guild Wars” – Here’s How

Mysteriax.6049Mysteriax.6049 Member ✭✭✭

The first step is to separate guilds into 2 categories, giving them different features.

Coalition Guilds:

  • Shorter name space (and names regulated by ANet in the Guild Wars gamemode)
  • No Representing or Guild Tags
  • No Leveling system
  • No Guild Buffs or claiming
  • No Guild Hall
  • No PvP Teams
  • No Guild Missions
  • Access to the new “Guild Wars” feature
  • Only 1 per account at a time (5 guilds total)
  • Unique color chat (still considered a Guild chat with /g1, /g2, etc.)

Community Guilds:

  • Representing and Guild Tags
  • Longer names and less name regulation by ANet
  • Leveling System and Progression
  • Guild Buffs and Claiming
  • Guild Hall
  • PvP Teams
  • Guild Missions
  • No access to the “Guild Wars” feature
  • Same color chat
  • Up to 5 per account (5 guilds total)

Then change the existing WvW gameplay:

  • Remove all servers (giving servermates adequate time to prepare for the new system by creating a new coalition guild and inviting all former servermates)
  • Potentially remove an ABL since there will potentially be less players in matchups.

Recreate it into the New “Guild Wars” System:
Guild Wars – Weekly matches fought between coalition guilds using WvW maps, tracked via an official leaderboard.

  • Coalition Guilds can sign up for “Guild Wars” if they have at least 300 members.
  • Coalition Guilds will automatically be matched again as long as they remain above this threshold.
  • If a player leaves a Coalition Guild, they cannot participate in Guild Wars for a full week after leaving. Thus rapid bandwagoning comes at a cost.
  • All currently existing Guilds will remain as Community Guilds.
  • All new guilds will have an option to be either a Coalition Guild or Community Guild with adequate information provided about each option. A Coalition Guild cannot be created if the player is already part of another Coalition Guild.
    Thus the system is self-sustaining and player driven.

Under the new “Guild Wars” system, server transfers would no longer be a factor, and bandwagoning Coalition Guilds would only get you so far (500 members). Coalitions will break naturally and new ones will form rather than the long struggle we have now. Players from the same guild will be able to play with one another. "Server Transfers" will essentially be open and free. Players can join a Coalition that matches their playstyle (casual, hardcore, etc.) and be ranked against other Coalitions via an official leaderboard. And lastly,** Guild Wars will finally have an in-game rather than lore meaning.**

Please provide your feedback below. Thanks!


  • Dawdler.8521Dawdler.8521 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited January 6, 2018

    Self sustaining how? So if a "coalition guild" have 300 members but 10 members leave so that they only have 290 members... they arent allowed to WvW? That would be hilarious.

    Also you do realize that the popular "coalitions" would most definetly have transfers fees. Not to Anet of course. You're going to have to pay to play WvW with them. Because players are greedy toxic bastards that will exploit the system in any way possible. You wanna run with your favorite commander? Well 20g a week to be member of his coalition, you dont mind do you? Wait make that 40g or we kick you from the coalition. Glhf playing WvW then. Because if you are kicked you cant WvW for a week. Ha! Make that 60g.

    Or are you a random roamer? Haaaaahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa....

    I reject your suggestion.

    Dont look a gift Asura in the mouth.
    No seriously, dont. Shark teeth.

  • MUDse.7623MUDse.7623 Member ✭✭✭✭

    i dont care much about who i play with(as long as they do not hinder me by being totally noobs only) more who i play against, as i solo roam. why would i have to apply to a large coalition guild? i dont want any whatever guildrules to apply to me only to play wvw with people that are not all totally noobs and i dont like to apply to a guild for that purpose.
    wvw has a mixture of different playstyles, you have people of every kind on every server. coalition guilds when organized by players will not have this mixture of players and it will be awful. and matching a 'harcore' coaliton with average playtime of 6-8h a day or more against a casual one with average 30 mins a day , will not be an interesting matchup
    you can not expect players to be rational towards creating a healthy game, we will abuse every possibility to 'win', no matter the cost. and even that can be abused as dawdler poited out by our toxic community.

    -> i also reject your suggestion

  • Kamara.4187Kamara.4187 Member ✭✭✭

    I'm not fond of this proposal either. Its no better than what we have now with everything in favor of those with big numbers. Instead of server stacking it goes one step further to isolate smaller guilds by stripping away their halls to make the bigger guilds look even more enticing. In a nutshell its a pretty crumey thing to do that would leave many pretty bitter afterwards.

    "Love thy enemy, for without them there would be no WvW."

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