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Make Obsidian Sanctum instanced (Like Edge of the Mists)

GvG guilds would really appreciate it if Obsidian Sanctum became instanced. That way, guilds can fight guilds that aren't in the same matchup. Thank you.


  • Even if anet is planning a long term guild vs guild solution, this could be a short term way until they have something better ready. Cant be to complicated, just a map setting I think

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    Instancing the map would also make the jumping section more active for players and duelists. Give players the same team names as EOTM and group together servers of the same color - bingo.

    To make the GvG idea work though, ANet would need to decrease the soft cap of the map while keeping the hard cap the same. The soft cap is when a new instance would be created, thus creating ample instances for GvG instead of 10 guilds crowding on one map. The hard cap staying where it is would allow guilds to coordinate on a specific instance and join there using the squad system.

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    GvG already dead in 2017. Won't rise at 2018

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    (fail) guild halls were the offered solution .. not to anyone in touch with wvw/gvg but at least to some developers .. so let´s better not expect too much .. further unfortunately the wvw- and the balance-team have to work on living story continuation bcz of shiny kitten keeps bringin´ the money \o/

  • This would be an easy change for them to do.

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    mmm.. do many people play here still?

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  • Yes. Can an Anet dev comment on this thread? This is what the players want!!! Make OS instanced like Edge of the Mists!!

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    wish all borders were 3 spawn 3 camps 1 mid fort.


    Not Even Coverage is the Only broken thing in WVW.

  • The actual request seems to be to have an instance for GvG that doesn't depend on matchups. It could be Obsidian Sanctum or it could be, well, anywhere.

    I'm not against the idea. However, I'd rather ANet devoted resources to traditional WvW and sPvP first. If it happens that it's easy to include something for GvG while they do that, then sure.

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    In addition to making it an easier place for guilds to meet up and play against each others; it would also (hopefully) get enough people into a single OS map, that you might actually meet enemies in the JP for once.... Forgot how many years ago I've actually gotten a fight in there (or the alpine JP for that matter....).

    Would also make it a lot easier to get duels for that that likes that.

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  • Can an Anet dev please reply on this thread.