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[NA][PvE][Raid] Experienced Static Group LF Chrono 8:30 to 11 pm EST

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Nearly Polite Cobras [NPC] is a friendly, mature guild with a focus on PvE. We're a small guild with members with a variety of backgrounds, interests, and playing styles.

Because some of our members have decided to take a break from raiding, we are recruiting for our experienced static raid squad. We regularly clear Wings 1-4 and are currently working on Wing 5.

We are looking for players that have:
1. A positive attitude and are motivated to improve. We maintain a positive and pleasant atmosphere during raids. That isn't to say we don't offer each other constructive criticism, but we do so in a helpful and friendly way. If you are the type of player who flames your squad mates or rage quits in frustration, we're not for you.
2. Killed every boss in Wings 1-4 and want to work on Wing 5 (kills not required).
3. Have 1 character (see openings below) fully raid ready with a meta build from qT or SC and either have geared alts or are willing to gear alts.
4. Ability to regularly attend our raids (both days) and stay the entire session.
5. Teamspeak and a mic you are willing to use.

We raid 8:30 pm to 11 pm EST Mondays and Wednesdays and have openings for
1 chrono (off chrono)
More information about our guild and raid squad are available at https://nearlypolitecobras.org/index.php?/topic/119-copperhead-squad-recruiting/

Please contact Maia Stormpeak in game or message me here if you are interested.

Our trial period consists of one week of raiding (both Monday and Wednesday for both the full sessions). During the trial, you will play your main class and role. If you would also like to trial on a second class or role that can be arranged. The trial raids will consist of Wing 5 progression and a randomly selected wing(s) from 1-4.
During the trial we are looking for a good personality fit as well as solid gameplay.


  • Hi there,
    I am an exp raider with all classes/roles in full ascended. I main OT Chono & am looking for a static group! Your raid times are really nice for me. I will contact you in-game and introduce myself.

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