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LFGuild (PvE, Casual, Aus)

Hey people, I just finished the PoF and Living world story expansions and am a bit lost as what to do next.
I'm looking for a some guidance on doing PvE stuff like fractals and meta events as well as some friendly people to do them with.
I have no interest in doing PvP or WvW and am currently on Ferguson’s Crossing server but I don't mind switching servers.


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    @[email protected] =) when you change your mind about wvw, hook me up. we're in nsp.

    there will be a place for you in our wvw ranks.

    Not Even Coverage is the Only broken thing in WVW.

  • Are you only interested in playing GW2 with people or are you willing to play other things with people as well?
    Because I am part of a discord community that many people have come from Guild Wars but we like to play other things together as well.
    In terms of our guild experience, we are very casual but our founders do possess a ton of knowledge on the game. We have advice on a fair amount of things to do in the PvE aspect of the game and if people ever are interested in doing WvW or PvP, even for casual reasons such as earning armor skins, we are really helpful in getting people started and having fun even if a zerg or better players than us come along. :)
    We are called Affinitus Nemus [AFNM] and we would be happy to have you if you want to join us. This link here will show you to our forum post about us that you can use to decide how you feel and I would be happy to answer any questions you have.

    Founder of Affinitus Nemus [AFNM]
    "Join Us, We're Lonely" - Our Guild At Some Point


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