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LFG on Fort Aspenwood (PVE/WVW, Semi-Hardcore Player)

I just got back into GW2 from maybe, a little over a year ago. So I'm trying to find myself a guild.

I'm looking for the guild to be around 18+, friendly and willing to help catch me up with what I've missed. I'd also like to participate in the Guild War Events, and as soon as I can get comfortable with the gamer again, hopefully WVW.

I have access to Discord. But I'm ok with just using the in-game chat. I play in the EST timezone, and have been coming on frequently in the past week.

My character name is Koo The Wandering, a Level 80 Druid. I'd love to make new friends and have a great time gamin' with you all!

Let me know if your guild is right for me! :smiley: