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Any way to queue a reward track?

Sinmir.6504Sinmir.6504 Member ✭✭

Just wondering about this. Like if you could set one reward track to start(or repeat the current one) once one is finished? Justnow whenever I finish a reward track it goes on to Crucible of Eternity. Just a small bit of progress goes into it each time, well whatever was left after it got to 20 000 on the last one, and need to make sure I change it to the track I want before opening any of the wood/bronze/silver/gold/platinum/mithril/diamond chests that may be present but would be nice if it could be set to go on to the one I intend to start after completing the one I am on.
Or I guess after a long time the overflow progress might add up to me getting Kudu's Phasing Matrix.


  • Currently, no, no way to queue reward tracks.

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