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Mercenery guilds for the new world restructuring system.

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What do you think about making mercenary guilds :

-They should be in a random world but they are hunted by everyone every world can kill them and they can kill everyone.
-They should be a specified number so they don't mist up the match ups, but still they should make a change to the match up.
-The mercenary's can act on there own, for example help the last world to get back on the track, or they can be payed to help any world for a period of time 1 day for example so they can't be killed by that world until the contract time ends, and they ill became killable by everyone again .

The currency transfer from the world to the mercenary guild should be by the system and specified by the system (time and work to do ), if the demanded work isn't don the world can ask for a refund fully or partially, the system should detect how much of the work been don and act based on that .something like the participation in the meta's.
Every world should have a specified currency that he can get from kills and by that he can assign mercenary's to help (every alliance leader should have the ability to ask for mercenary's help )

The work contracts should be like :

-Kill people from the other servers for a day(can be accepted by every mercenary individual)
-Kill 200 player from x server in less than 5 hours . (can be accepted by every mercenary individual)
-Help the x server to get SM castle .(only guild leader can accept those assignments)

If the work isn't don correctly the currency should be back to the alliance .
Every assignment should be specified if it's payed after fully finishing the job or for every part of the job don .


This is great for roamers they can kill and fight everyone .
This is a lot of fun:" RUN mercenary's are coming"
This is great for rangers thiefs mesmers and every roaming class .
This is good for everyone who tried to get to a big guild and failed for many reasons (the class played, less required wvw experience ,not the meta armor used.,and more)
Who don't wanna be with anyone you can be solo mercenary .


Mercenery guilds for the new world restructuring system. 10 votes

I like the idea of making mercenery guilds and mercenery indeviduals
Stand The Wall.6987Yukio blaster.9082Omne.4603Jiminy.8340 4 votes
I don't like the idea of making mercenery guilds and mercenery indeviduals
Tapioca.9062Mini Crinny.6190Etienne.3049SailorSpira.9371Baldrick.8967jacksmith.6028 6 votes
i have a different idea...


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