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Dedicated WvW Guild Slot

With the discussion surrounding WvW based guilds and since WvW guilds effectively replace what "world" you're apart of, please consider adding a dedicated slot for the WvW guild so that if you already have 5 guilds but want to join a WvW guild without giving up your friends and other guilds, you can. You could still slide one of your existing guilds into the slot if you were already part of a WvW guild. For others, we have PvE guilds, guild banks, friends' guilds, raid guilds, etc., all of which take up a spot. Thank you.


  • BlaqueFyre.5678BlaqueFyre.5678 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Just have the guild you and all your friends are already just select the option of being a WvW when it launches... it does nothing but alllows those guiltiest that select it as such stay together and has zero impact on the guild in any other way.

  • @BlaqueFyre.5678 I'd agree with you except that people will have guilds they are in that do not have WvW players and who won't care to select it as their WvW guild. Most of the guilds I run with in WvW I am not apart of because I have the other guilds dedicated to other things. So back to my point, having a dedicated guild slot gives anyone that already has a full compliment of guilds a chance to join a guild specifically for WvW without having to give up one of their guilds that they have spent time and gold on upgrading.

  • Euryon.9248Euryon.9248 Member ✭✭✭

    I'm curious to see how Anet handles this. I seem to remember they said in the past that they can't expand on the 5-guild limit for technical reasons, although that could have changed or I could be misremembering. There may be ways to make one of your existing 5 guilds work in most circumstances by just picking one and having that guild ally with similar guilds your friends have, but it could also become complex if there are also restrictive guild limits placed on alliances (which I'm hoping will not be the case).

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