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Forced Relocation

I worry that due to variables (participation, Time of day, What group you belong, w/e A-net decides) can penalize a player due to Real Life events. This player, at restructuring, will (due to events beyond his/her control ) pulled from the community the player has a committed role in playing. Plus, there is the issue of communications. This matching up would seem to make spies an easy thing to insert in off game comms. Security of Teamspeak , Discord and others, have been a continual problem. In other words, Loyalty to specific group will become more difficult to maintain when you are forced to play elsewhere. Each world will be recreated at end of Season. Where will the pride, commitment, friends go?


  • @steki.1478 said:
    1. Create a community guild on your current server (most servers already have these anyways), or join its alliance.
    2. Make your community guild (or any guild in same alliance) your main wvw guild.
    3. ???
    4. Congrats, you're now playing with players in same situation.

    This Still doesn't address Real Life events, Comm security, or commitment to a certain circle of friends Guildies or not. Not all guilds play at specific times. Many players play at different times in a day. So they switch guilds to play with at that time of day. This larger community goes to the way side and Ktrain will only be worse.

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    @server st anne.8750 said:
    Not all guilds play at specific times. Many players play at different times in a day. So they switch guilds to play with at that time of day.

    I dont see a reason why those guilds cant join alliance anyways. What does guild switch have to do with your playtime anyways?

    This larger community goes to the way side and Ktrain will only be worse.

    It's literally the same community you have now. There's just freedom of people to not join alliance (I assume this would be mostly done by small/gvg guilds), and each world will have new, unsorted people.

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    No real WvW alliance is going to absorb a casual NA guild. Casual offhours will be in great demand to cover holes, but casual NA WvW players and guilds need to get ready.

    The roster purge has already begun, got my first whispers/in-game mails last night. Soon it will be back to 100% rep only guilds, which isn't a turn-off to me, but many guilds own members that have two or even three WvW guilds. What guild do they choose? Especially if 2 of the 3 are going to different alliances? Yeah, broken communities incoming.

    5-day a week mandatory raids? Probably will return for many guilds that fancy themselves hardcore. Also not a major turn-off to me, but not something I cannot do at this stage of my life. Will this make a difference for older players that cannot play 3 hours/night, 5 nights/week?

    A lot needs to be ironed out on this announcement before implementation.

    Not sure it's even about maintaining population anymore as it is about managing what's left.

  • Unless everyone in your designated WvW guild has RL issues, you are not going to see any difference from week to week. Assignment to a world for the duration of the 'Season' is based on hours played for the entire guild, not just you. (Plus other factors, in a tbd formula.)

    Of course, as @Kaiser.9873 says some guilds are going to purge (prematurely or sensibly) so that their core roster is likely to put them in the type of match ups they want to see. But that's a different issue and one that happened last month and 3 years ago, too.

    There are plenty of things that can go wrong with The Great WvW Restructuring of 2018, but this isn't likely to be one of them.

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    @server st anne.8750 said:
    Comm security

    The API is being updated.

  • ToPNoP.2493ToPNoP.2493 Member ✭✭✭
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    I think this will be great, especially for players that need a change to move forward. Being in a guild/group will be the same as being on a server, just now guilds can have a say whether they constantly and continually play with some players that may not be a good fit for the community. Also, guilds will be forced to keep/kick players that are inactive which will go further to tighten security on all levels. There will always be spy's, only now they will have to communicate with a community to be a part of the community.

    Yes I like comms, but sadly I'm allergic to them.

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    It's worth noting that the new "worlds" when created aim to have balance across several statistics. This means that 1 world with a commited WvW alliance may have up to 5,000 players but their opposition may consist of 20,000 more casual players. If the hours input for both of these is roughly similar, it makes it fairer so that the "hardcore" guilds and alliances don't dominate too much. The more casual WvW guilds wouldn't need to always tack onto a "hardcore" guild to have a decent chance.
    Players need not quit all their guilds, they just need 1 dedicated WvW one for every 8 weeks. If people are so worried about being split up from friends - make arrangements to stay together.
    The system isn't even created, it's still in conception with so much time for adjustment and long before implementation. Those who are already purging WvW guilds seem to be prematurely over-reacting in my opinion - but that is their choice.

    Remember, we don't even have an idea about how large the "worlds" will be or how many there will be. It's likely that everyone will be able to enjoy WvW more than now, still afiliated with friends who matter, and together with new players. Giving the mode a re-vamp should bring fresh people, boost morale and make WvW a more dynamic environment. I see a bright future with this idea, the alternative is retaining the stale server linking which sees fewer people in the battlegrounds month after month.

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    keep irl and gaming separate.

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  • this change is favored by many. i believe this will be implemented coz of its popularity. whatever issues we get well just have to deal with it and adapt when we get there.

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  • Euryon.9248Euryon.9248 Member ✭✭✭

    At the very least Anet will have a much greater flexibility to make adjustments as issues crop up

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