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Why do some things come onto the market for such a short limited time that there is no way some of us can purchase them. It would seem to me, that it would be more lucrative to ANET, if things were on the market for at least a month before they disappeared so that people could plan accordingly to make a purchase. Not everyone can purchase items on a whim. Not only will you make more money, but you will also give the illusion that you give a kitten about your customers/player base.


  • MarshallLaw.9260MarshallLaw.9260 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited February 1, 2018

    Whether you see this as smart or exploitative is personal choice, many players will have varying opinions, I would be fairly sure it's just the marketing strat they have used historically and stuck to. Since it is fairly consistent, customers are more aware that limited time items will disappear shortly (and often be re-introduced a long time later) so they actually budget accordingly.
    Panic or impulse buying tends to be more lucrative in this economy perhaps, since people have less time to change their mind. Also for many items, it also reduces the opportunities to farm for gold and encourages players to go for the easy card-to-gems method.
    With re-introduction of any item being unconfirmed at it's launch, this basically plays on a common "fear of missing out".

  • Embered.5089Embered.5089 Member ✭✭✭
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    Also, please note that this is the incorrect forum section for this post. You may want to post these things in the General/Guild Wars 2 Discussion.