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Art of Sudenvarjo

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Heya there!

Figured I could make a thread here, for posting my fan art of the game!
There's not much of it at the moment, but I promised myself during the New Year's Eve, that I'd try to shape up and produce more stuff this year than before. Aand the world of Tyria just so happens to inspire me a great deal. So who knows what will happen! :)
Feel free to check my art blog on Tumblr too!

Here's my main character, Lèonn!

And here's a Death tarot card, depicting the scriptures of Grenth!
Greatly inspired by the Guild Wars 2 Tarot Club!

“Came then Desmina, scorned and exiled by her people. And in her misery and wretchedness, did Desmina curse the gods for abandoning all who, like her, admired power and ambition.

And asketh she, “Where is the god to whom I may give my undying devotion? Where is the god to whom I may beg revenge against those who scorn me?” And rumbled then the earth from far below, and with a terrible groan, split open. The ground grew white with frost and ice, and from forth the frozen earth spilled the rotted, skeletal minions of Grenth.

Appeared then the god, and with bony hands outstretched, welcomed the girl into His fold. Saith he, “I am your god. Follow where I lead, come whence I call, and the rotted corpses of the dead will be yours to control.” And swearing allegiance in life and beyond, did Desmina thence become the god’s first follower.

— Scriptures of Grenth, 48 BE “

The stories we love best do live in us forever. - J.K. Rowling


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