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[5:00 UTC] Claiming Windswept Haven

Strawberrie.2938Strawberrie.2938 Member
edited January 10, 2018 in In-Game Events

Hello !

We're looking for help to claim Windswept Haven at 5:00 server time ( UTC ).
We're only a condi druid, and a power chrono for now, so we would need some dps or maybe another druid !

Whisper me : Strawberrie.2938 !

Matahary I.


  • Did you get your guild hall?
    I would suggest using the lfg, worked for me multiple times :) If not let me know I will help claim

  • Kallist.5917Kallist.5917 Member ✭✭✭

    A tip on claiming Windswept Haven:
    Only take a maximum of 5 people on your attempt to claim it. That is the point where scaling kicks in, and it's scaling is pretty bad. Ive read about many groups ranging from 20 to 50 players strong, all failing to take it, while my group of 5 took it with ease.