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PvP new map ideas

Avador.8934Avador.8934 Member ✭✭✭

Hey everyone! I think this is an interesting topic to talk about. Do you have any ideas for future PvP maps? I think it's been some time since we got a new map, and I love to speculate about future stuff (and I bet that others as well) ...
This is my idea (I might post here more later), what do you think about it? Any feedback is appreciated. I would love to see ideas of others here as well.

Garden of Chaos

Theme: Vabbian, 'Garden of Seborhin' type
Mechanic: Storms, Sanctuary
Terrrain: A mixture of Vabbian garden and Vabbi themed buildings. Side points may be called The fountain and The market (for example). 2 main open space areas: Central point, aka The garden, and the Sanctuary (the biggest point). Slightly similar to Revenge of the Capricorn in terms of location of points.

Description: Greetings fighters! Did you come to this glamorous garden to compare strength with others in a friendly match? I must warn you then! This beauty is just an illusion, and the whole place transforms into a deadly trap. Every now and then, a horrible weather hits the garden, affecting all players without discrimination. The only place to escape and stabilize the place is the Sanctuary. Will your team take it to stop the devastating storm and use its energy to your advantage? Or will you get blown away by tornadoes or scorched by a firestorm?

Blizzard (3:00 – 5:00) – Camera vision is decreased and the map gains blizzard like appearance (frozen and windy). Spawns slow moving blizzards across the map that damage and chill players. Players gain debuff that reduces their endurance regeneration and makes them move slower.
Hurricane (8:00 – 10:30) – Camera vision is decreased and the map gains hurricane like appearance (dark and windy). Spawns slow moving tornadoes across the map that damage and launch players. Players gain a stacking debuff that, after reaching enough stacks, strikes them with lightning, dazing them and applying weakness (unblockable).
Firestorm (12:00 – 15:00) – Camera vision is decreased and the map gains wildfire like appearance (fiery, plants burning). Spawns slow moving firestorms across the map that damage and burn players. Players gain debuff that periodically converts a boon on them into vulnerability.
Sanctuary: during each storm, a 4th conquerable point, the Sanctuary, is unlocked. Capturing this point gives score to that team (25, or 50?) and prematurely discontinues the storm. Also that team’s members gain a bonus, based on the storm. (an example of what it might be:) Blizzard: fully heal and gain aegis / Hurricane: gain quickness and superspeed / Firestorm: gain fury and might (15-20 stacks maybe?). When the storm ends, Sanctuary’s capture point disappears.

  • Vision reduction is applied in a form of mist/fog. It doesn’t limit you in combat much, but for example you won’t be able to see as far as another point.
  • Each point, including Sanctuary, is free of storm AoEs.
  • At Sanctuary, players are also immune to storm debuffs.

For effect: Every time during the storm, a djinn might appear on some unreachable, but visible place (maybe right above the Sanctuary, and be casting (-> he's the one responsible for that weather!). Different djinns appear for different storms (blizzard: water djinn / hurricane: air djinn / firestorm: fire djinn)


  • Anaseth.5763Anaseth.5763 Member ✭✭

    Id like to see a dynamic map. Something circular with fixed spawn points. 3 outer points in a triangle and have the map rotate against the stationary spawns. Can add features such as holding 2 points raises a wall that add travel time to a point etc. Could even add an underwater feature in the center with map buffs etc

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