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[BUG] 2 map based events bugged preventing completing Redeeming IG-6417

In crystal Oasis
The event " Rescue refugees forced into labor in the Zephyrite mine " is bugged either no refugees spawn or it bugs out at 3 people and spawns no more.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/57hbmicjjjuxxz3/gw231X2.jpg?dl=0 - my current group tried 3 or 4 different instances all had the same issue.

Fishing event in Windswept Isle done by Teyrna is bugged the NPC stands there and does nothing, saying the dialogue over and over
Apperently this person saw the fishing event in another instance, and it apperently crashed the server.

secondly despite having nearly all the modules in my inventory IG-6417 doesnt want to accept anymore.
Is this another bug?

I hope you can fix all these bugs with this achievement


  • Yeah, It is literally impossible to do both events. I spent literally 15 hours today swapping maps, waiting for dead maps to close and found FLOCKS of people waiting around the broken cub. He does not say anything, there is no dialogue or pop up he just looks at you. To require not one but two (possibly more) broken events in collection is ridiculous and probably wont be fixed for a while.

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    Thanks for the warnings. Hopefully, these will be fixed before the servers go into a full-scale riot.

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    The Devs have responded to the issue for the 'Rescue' event.