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Eerie Driftwood not spawning



  • Still broken for me as well

  • Still same issue for me as well. Not fixed for me and did the meta after updating client

  • It's possible we have to wait for reset, so let's give it an hour.

  • Same, still broken. Can't harvest any of the spawned wood after Zohaqan, it stays inactive to me.

  • Nodes have not respawned for me either.

  • Still broken after new Meta after reset.

  • Just completed the meta after reset...still no nodes...watched others in the group gather the node right beside me but I could not interact with it

  • I am assuming we don't need to do another ticket?

  • still broken :(

  • it is now the 12th and I still have no respawn of the eerie driftwood for me to try get the stuff from it for the collection. Any idea when will be fixed. Thanks love the map <3

  • I dont know if I should do a ticket since we are all on this thread . Do I?

  • @Surell D.4537 said:
    I am assuming we don't need to do another ticket?

    I'm going to update mine via email and inform GMs that fix didn't work.

  • Moogri.1935Moogri.1935 Member ✭✭

    Same here, mine isn't spawning either :(

  • Guys. There is no bug (i think).
    Its the fact that initially all the driftwood nodes on map were spawned and when you harvested everything in one day (as I did too) now the are respawning a few nodes a day.
    Got my collection stuff few days in. And I see much-much less active driftwood nodes when non-gatherable driftwood nodes all over the beach.
    Use skimmer, check the coastline. Dont forget there is some driftwood on southern island shore as well.

  • There's no bug? Do you know it's been a week since any driftwood has spawned for us? Come on man.

  • Hey friends,
    We're investigating why the driftwood is failing to spawn again. Thank you for your patience!

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  • Metatron.8347Metatron.8347 Member
    edited March 13, 2018

    Thank God I was only on this for 2 days before I came here! I am stuck on "What we do"
    Yesterday (12.Mar.2018), I completed the Meta 3 or 4 times, the logs had spawned but I got no Luminescent Seaweed but plenty of ruined logs. I came on today (13.Mar.2018), read that the bug had been fixed, So I quickly started playing only to find nothing respawning at all after completing the Meta Event. I tried more than one level 60+ axe, even standard to no avail.
    March 8 this thread was started, I do hope they fix it...Tonight!?:¬]

  • I finally finished the achievement because I found a node I hadn't harvested before. Searching places I don't visit that frequently payed off. For everyone else I hope the bug gets fixed soon.

    No skin should be exclusive to gem-store rng boxes.
    What really happened with mount skins

  • It's still not fixed, IG is still not fixed

  • Still no eerie driftwood spawning for me :angry:

  • Still no eerie driftwood for me.

  • Yeah, bugged.

  • Still not spawning for me either :(

  • aandiarie.7195aandiarie.7195 Member ✭✭✭

    Have you all tried a different character? and anet is it time gated?

  • None for me either, guess all we can do is wait.
    Might be helpfull for Anet if you guys post more details of your circumstances on this : ?

  • I have put in a ticket with an explanation as well as a screenshot. Yes we have tried multiple characters. It seems to be an account wide bug.

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