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Guild Treasury Endpoint returns different results based on language

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Hi there,
this is something like a bug report, in hopes that the right people will see that. There is an issue with the treasury endpoint for guild leaders.

I made a website that shows all materials needed for a specific guild for the next guild hall upgrade. When I was debugging some visuals, I noticed that others had other amounts of items than I do. I pinpointed it to be based on the language setting ?lang=. At least for french and german, the api shows upgrades that cannot be obtained yet. Our guild is currently lvl 8, so it may be because we do not have unlocked all buildings yet.




  • Thanks for this report. I've filed a bug for us to track internally and we will see what we can find out.

  • Hi,
    I'm having similar issue with treasure endpoint. Each time I made a request to a guild/treasure endpoint I'm receiving array of a difrent length. Sometimes its 60 and another it's 100, in a very short calling time.
    Is this some kind of bug?

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