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Will we learn more about the backstory of the Olmakhan?

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One particular thing we haven't dealt with in recent years is the Flame Legion, and I think a lot of interesting story could be gleaned from the Olmakhan's background. Do we have more to look forward to from this tribe?

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  • There's a lot of information to be gathered off the beaten path in this episode. Exploration may reveal answers to some of your questions. :)

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    I am a long time player of the Guild Wars franchise and a Charr roleplayer as well.

    I find these new cats to be a very refreshing breath of air as a counterpoint to the normalcy of the Legions and I am curious if we will be seeing more development of them and/or their lore as time passes by: especially with Rox being interested in them and likely to join them at some point given her several failed attempts at actually trying to join Rytlock's warband.

    There is potential for a good deal of story telling that could be done with them and I would absolutely love to see more of them as the episodes work their way towards the finale of Living Story Season 4.

    P.S. I have read the scrolls in the Lorekeeper's hut as well as listened to all the ambient dialogue of the Olmakhan in the area.

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    Is there any explanation how they've got through Ascalon (which if i remember wasn't conquered by Charr yet), Shiverpeak, Crystal Desert, Desolation (and Joko domain) and Vabbi (yet to be attacked by Joko forces) to get where they are now without anyone noticing?

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    Uhhm you don't need to cross the Desolation and Vabbi ( why Vabbi? ) to get to Dajkah and the Sandswept Isles. Just go through the Scavengers Causeway and you avoid those things. Still good question about the rest. Ascalon I guess the Ascalonians being too spread. Shiverpeaks... not much Civilisation there and the Crystal Desert was quite sparsely populated. At least this is how I think they could go there undetected.

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    It was long enough ago that the question is not so much why no one noticed as why no one wrote it down, or at least why no written chronicle or oral tradition survived well enough to be recorded by Priory researchers. Which is my rambling way of saying locals along the route likely -did- notice but the information was misunderstood, not preserved, or just hasn't surfaced widely enough yet to make it into the records of the parts of Tyria we've been around.

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    The scroll 'Southward Progress' gives a general explanation of the lands they crossed, and says it was their freedom to use magic allowed them to deter pursuers in Ascalon. I would suppose no one thought much of them outside the charr who knew they were leaving the Legions, and those probably presumed they would die on their own in the wide world.

    I still wouldn't mind more information about them. They have several earth-related titles (professions?) I would like to learn about, though I suppose they could just be there for flavor. Still, it would be interesting to know if there is anything specific that grants certain titles (especially for Sandshifter, which was Olma's and might hold some significance). More tidbits that help flesh out their past and current culture would be marvelous. Like, do they all chip in for any task, or do they assign "jobs" at a certain age? How far afield do they explore, if they ever do? Have any groups ever split off to make new settlements elsewhere?
    I also would love if we could have access to some emotes they use. The tai chi group at the beach is marvelous. I want to join in.

    Also, has anyone come across a charr actually singing one of their songs? I am in the middle of the questing for the ascended bag for Efi, and all the hints at songs make me want to hear one in full! If they do not already exist, will that be an upcoming surprise? (Please say yes!)