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Resurrection in living world s4e2

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Hi Devs, first off I am so glad you decided to do this on the forums :D.


I had a question in the second instance of living world season 2 at the boss fight the entire arena is shielded off by the elders and every time you go down you get instantly resurrected. My question is how did this choice came to be to be resurrected by the elders instead of any other force or a retry from checkpoint screen.. During other fights you also get instantly resurrected by things beyond your control. But here it felt out of place for me because they did not resurrect there own leader but where willing to use this power for the benefit of a stranger (and indirectly there tribe). And after the fight we got a scene which for me lost all of its importance because for me it felt like they choose not to resurrect there elder instead of being inflicted a grave lose by the inquest.



  • Thank you for explaining =)