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Hi. I have a question regarding postprocessing setting on map(s).
Are you aware of how different the postprocessing is on old maps (core maps) and HoT/LW3/PoF/LW4?
It's very subtle on core maps, while it gets extremely blurry/purple and glowy on new maps. It's inconsistent and makes it hard to decide whether I want to play with it or not. Please look at example:
Is this something you are trying to balance out? I noticed Sandswept Isles has a bit toned down postprocessing when compared to Istan. Also, is this something you can revisit in other maps and adjust, or allow player to customize the options with sliders?

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  • Postprocessing per se is fine. It's the bloom that looks bad. And it's one of many things bundled into the postprocessing setting. As a band aid you can use GW2 Hook and disable the bloom while keeping all other postprocessing effects.

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    Having more options is almost never a bad thing, almost.