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Mount Mastery / New Character Customization.

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edited March 15, 2018 in Mar 2018: LWS4 Episode 2

With Living World Season 4, Episode 2 (LWS4E2, as you call it internally, do you pronounce that LWS4E2 or 'Lewzforeetwo'? ^^), You added a lot of cool mechanics, a mount heal skill, a cool Renown Heart using Magnets (I had a lot of giggles doing this one).

I would like to know the thinking behind the new Mastery Line, and why the high trade off for what is basically a mount healing skill? Could we see more masteries that would use different Engages going forward, or ways to enhance travelling on mounts that would be beneficial (Stealthing? Projectile Reflects?).

I also wanted to ask based on a post that saw the new Charr customisations, with weird horn adornments/effects (Olmakhan tribal) that happened by changing gender, is this bugged? Are they meant to be attainable directly by choosing the new styles or do we have to swap gender to 'bug the selection out'? I hope not, could this issue be addressed?

Can we expect more character customization going forward for other races?

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  • I'm very curious to find out more about the design of the latest Mastery line as well as how it may play into the next few (more mount abilities!).

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