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  • No more DPS-DPS-DPS-DPS-DPS-DPS-DPS-DPS-DPS classes; nine is enough.
    No more "armor class doesn't matter" classes.
    No more jumping puzzles; this isn't Mario Brothers.
    No more vertical mazes like Dry Top, Silverwastes, and HoT.
    No more aggro-every-square inch like PoF (ANet needs to figure out what "challenge" means; that's not it).
    No more story mode with horrible idle animations and female characters with breasts so large they should fall over.
    No more spawning mobs on top of players or immediately behind the focal point of the camera (ANet needs to figure out what "challenge" means; that's not it).
    No more instantly respawning mobs players have just killed (ANet needs to figure out what "challenge" means; that's not it).
    No more in-game store where you MUST buy perks and gear or you will very definitely be a second rate player.
    Lots of "no more's"...
    Then, maybe -- just maybe -- a GW3.

    "Beware of dragons, for you are crunchy and go well with Ketchup."

  • Personally I would like to see all four of the original Guild Wars games re-invented using modern programming, modern mapping and basically creating it out of the tools the game makers have at the moment because at the moment the original game feels 'lacking' compared with the far superior Guild Wars 2. I want to play the stories suggested of the GW2 game, I want to visit those lands before and during the Charr invasion. It would be a glorious way to introduce Guild Wars 2 to new players by allowing them to play the original games - in a new format. I appreciate the effort involved in doing something like this, but so much lore is there to be explored that so many of the players I meet (and have met in the last five years) are completely unaware of.

  • I've been playing since the betas, and now we're what over 4 years in, it's starting to feel a little samey. I think I'm almost done with GW2 now, and looking for the next game. If a GW3 is on the cards, it'll go right to the top of my list and I'll be waiting to join the betas asap; so roll on GW3!

  • I played GW2 for a year or so and went back to GW1. I vote for GW3, see if they can beat the original.

  • Paralux.6714Paralux.6714 Member ✭✭✭

    No. Gw2 has potential to continue for a lot of years with new content.

  • Sombra.3246Sombra.3246 Member ✭✭✭

    YES, GW3 will be 250 years in the future where Abaddon is the ruler of the world all the known continents and extra unknown continents.

  • Diabolos.6042Diabolos.6042 Member
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    Graphics are fine... I'm not sure what is wrong with 2...
    I feel that the better the graphics in a game, the more it lacks in other areas.
    I would play a text only guild wars if it had a fantastic story and content. :)

  • Fingolfin.8635Fingolfin.8635 Member ✭✭
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    its ultimately about money. Would Gw3 bring be more profitable than Gw2. They wouldn't shut down gw2, though most likely they wouldn't be making new content for it either. Its 6months after the expansion release and it seems PoF is not doing as well as HoT did. And here's the challenge how to bring in more players and keep existing players happy? they released Gw1 in 2005, and Gw2 came out 7 years later. so gw3 is possibly in the works.

    The release of Gw2 made arena net mega profits. Why wouldn't they try that again??

    Personally I hope there is a gw3, that would be kool. However it would be at least 5 years away.

  • Pifil.5193Pifil.5193 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @DarcShriek.5829 said:
    I have too much invested in this account to switch to a new game. If GW3 happens, it will be without me.

    Yeah, I don't think I'd switch either. That's the thing about MMOs people get invested in them and don't really want to switch to a new one with far less content, even if it's a sequel. In that respect the main competitor for GW3 would be GW2.

    The way WoW works would be better, incremental graphic upgrades to the existing game.

  • Abazigal.3679Abazigal.3679 Member ✭✭✭

    No, they should develop GW2 the same way it is being done with WoW. It's a good game, and can have many patchs and expansions. Also, i don't believe new MMO's today would have the same success they had in the past, plus the main target would be people who played GW2/GW1, which would be on average in their early 30's.

  • No, I am not moving again, look at what we lost that we loved from gw1 to gw2. Only our names transferred. IF gw3 becomes a thing it should only be if EVERYTHING from gw2 gets transferred over. gw2 imo still has tons they can do not to mention we have seen how they can expand the world map so it has plenty of room to just keep growing and adding new playable races (TENGU!!!!, Kodan, Jotun, Ogre, Grawl, Skritt...etc...etc..) more mounts, new weapon types...etc...etc...etc Guild Wars 2 FOREVER or Die!

  • Ragmon.6350Ragmon.6350 Member ✭✭

    At some point.

    The game needs a new more versatile engine, that can only be achieved by making a new game.

  • SEED.9051SEED.9051 Member ✭✭

    It's not needed. Instead of putting all that money into developing a new game, they should instead invest in overhauling the game engine and bringing in support for modern hardware. Any new content or ideas they could put into a new game can be added to Gw2 via expansions.

  • zengara.8301zengara.8301 Member ✭✭✭

    As a gamer, I wish for a new game....Who wouldnt? But as a economist, I find it hard to believe that it would be worth it, the reason Gw2 was so popular, was because their innovating gameplay, they simply created something new, more alive. It felt like a single player game inside a multiplayer game.
    But now, 5-6 years after the games release, many of its competitors have simply done the same, and the game is going to a more hardcore heavy grind system, where only players looking for a way to waste time is joining. If I was not part of the game back then and gradually gained all the "new" gear/setup max out you can get, I would not have joined in now, all the 10 star reviews or the 9 star all evolves around the things Gw2 used to be, realistic in the way you move attack/look (everyone used to look somewhat like what I would expect in that world, but basically looks like a power ranger now), innovating based on the world living and your not just part of a train mill you have to do, you can jump in and do w/e without stopping signs everywhere etc. This of cause, can not remain for long.

    If they somehow create a game, that also is somewhat innovative, and "realistic" towards what is capable (like if a big cow, had the ability to go stealth, he would not be able to teleport around 9 times like in a Dragonball show" then it might be a success, but I highly doubt that, which would mean it would be ignored by many reviewers that did make Gw2 a success, and even if they do review it, I guess it would fall with Wildstar. Even though it was Gw2, just more grindy, people did not like it.

  • Kameko.8314Kameko.8314 Member ✭✭✭

    @Kenneth.7536 said:
    In my opinion, there shouldn't be a GW3. Why? Because GW3 would separate players too much. Some would be playing GW2, others GW3. All innovations should be implemented to GW2 and then everyone could play the game at their own pace. Of course, they could do that if GW3 is released, but honestly, I don't see a point in GW3, just because GW2 is a great game on its own and it has a lot of potential. People complaining about graphics? Come on, graphics shouldn't be an argument in an mmo when the core game itself with all of its expansions is great.

    This is what happened when they went from GW1-->2 . Lots of people still play gw1 and will be the same about 2--> 3

    I think they should also NOT do mobile gaming. Please god no. I get the business behind it , but please no.

    I made a far bigger investment into thid game and would hate it to be all just blown away like that. Because when you log in , no one around anymore, you trying to solo dragon stand or something hahah. I know that my investment will wash someday but gw2 has the potential to go for the long run ^_^

  • Why are we having this discussion now? No is my answer and it will continue to be my answer until development on GW2 stops. And when that day comes (which will hopefully not be for another 5 years at least) I would rather ANet not make yet another MMO sequel. I love the world of Guild Wars and I would love more games set in Tyria, but I would prefer something different. Ideally a co-op RPG experience. Something that can be more timeless than the transient nature of full blown MMOs.

  • Griever.8150Griever.8150 Member ✭✭✭

    Unlikely to happen anytime soon imho. To justify another sequel they would need to come up with a new engine that would offer a significant jump in terms of both gameplay and graphics, something that cannot be done by simply refining the current one as they've been doing.

    I don't think Anet has that kind of technology right now and even if they did, releasing a "next-gen" game right now would probably be futile as your average gamer's PC wouldn't be able to handle it.

    I mean, just imagine what hardware it would take to run a game with FFXV's graphics for example while having 40+ player's on screen at an acceptable framerate.

    We're just not there yet.

  • after wow 2

  • Seamus.9645Seamus.9645 Member ✭✭
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    I want a GW3, eventually. I want them to finish wrapping up the stories of GW2; the elder dragons, the missing Gods, etc. Then I would like a GW3 set maybe, 300-400 years in the future again. In a magicka steampunk future. Lions Arch is now a Megalopolis, Air Ships are how everyone gets around. Basically Rata Sum and the Black Citadel had a love child and the Sylvari and nature lovers are pushed to the edges. I imagine it being Divinities Reach sized x10 and all sorts of stories involving corporate espionage and what not. Then you could actually live up to the moniker of "Guild Wars"; you form player guilds that provide the Lions share of your income via control and trade. IE you form an "Iron Guild" and you with your guild fight to control the local Iron mines in a region you set up in. The more tightly you control it and the more you upgrade it the more money you get paid out on a daily basis. Put in some blocks to encourage "Tall" guilds vs "Wide" guilds so everyone has room to play. Obviously leave looting and market trading as an income source for those player that like that but Guilds that actually provide a tangible benefit would be awesome. The end game could be the usual raiding and progression coupled with fighting the various power that be; Governments, NPC guilds, etc that try to rein in your guild. You'd have a whole guild eco system where wealthy trade guilds support the existence of mercenary guilds in order to defend against or target other wealthy trade guilds. That would be my preferred GW3. You then can allow for really freedom of play. A player could be a "sky pirate" and raid player and NPC guilds. Another player could be a "bounty hunter" chasing down NPC pirates or PC pirates (there's some PVP for you) expanding your Guild mine, or lands or whatever by securing and clearing new areas and/or protecting it from NPC threats would be a big part of PvE on top of any overarching story Anet wants to include (your usual nation toppling dramas). Hostile take overs of opposing guild resources would be the WvW replacement. Especially if you encouraged Guilds to form Consortiums or Trade Unions so the 10 biggest Guilds on a server work together to fight the other biggest 10 or what have you. Going back to what I said previously, as long as you put in checks and balances and various blocks to encourage "Tall" focused guilds vs "Paint the map own everything guilds" you could have plenty of room for everyone to play regardless of how little they want to PVP.

  • Ashantara.8731Ashantara.8731 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Cyrin.1035 said:
    Should the GW series continue with an entirely new sequel? Or should GW 2 simply continue with expansions?

    Since your OP has been edited after my initial response, a new response is in prder:

    I wouldn't mind if GW2 continued on forever with expansions (and some better policies in certain departments), but there would need to be engine adjustments: performance optimization and proper hardware utilization (!!!), and texture and model improvements some time in the future.

  • Kilo.2539Kilo.2539 Member ✭✭✭

    If they have no desire to revisit Cantha and all that awesome lore they won't get my money...

  • Svennis.3852Svennis.3852 Member ✭✭✭

    I would like to see GW3 eventually, in the sense that I’d like to see this setting’s world and lore continue to expand and develop. GW is the only mmo franchise I’ve ever really gotten into! And of course I’d love to see GW evolve with the times and update its mechanics and graffics in a 3rd flagship game someday.

    However I think we’re several years away from that, and I’m perfectly happy to stick with GW2 until whenever Anet decides it’s time to move to “GW3.”

    I think GW2 still has a lot of years left in its lifespan, even if the graphics become outdated over time.

    No clue what I’d want in GW3. I don’t want it to stray too far from high fantasy genre (and become an entirely sci fi or steampunk world). But it might be cool to see Future Tyria, or even some of the continents none of the GWs games have explored. Otherwise it could be neat to go back in time to the infamous “Guild Wars.” For a game named after it, it’s bizarre how we never experienced it firsthand. XD

  • Yes,but i saw some companies waiting for death of their current popular mmorpgs, they simply try to make as much as money they can i hope Anet isnt that greedy cause if you do it after your mmorpg is death or when your mmorpg is still satisfying for gamers you simply fail, so timing is critical i believe...

  • Vova.2640Vova.2640 Member ✭✭✭

    doubt gw3 will ever happen.
    but at the same time, i cant see gw2 moving forward much either.
    so who knows....
    all i know is... ill be sad if gw3 comes out and make all the hours i put in gw2 go to waste because the game will close/be empty..

  • The transaction from GW1 to GW2 was insanely major.
    I can't imagine how great of a game GW3 would be.
    I think it might become the best MMORPG in existance.
    The poll says when the time is right and i totally agree on that. I also believe that now isn't the time to BRING OUT a gw3.
    I think its the right time to take it in conciderance and make it like in a 5 year plan or something.
    In my opinion there should be like one more expansion like in 2019. So there is like a triology of expansions and then maybe come with a GW3.
    Thats my personal opinion on it. But the idea of a GW3 coming out would be really really awesome.
    I also want to thank the creators of GW to listen to the player base and making this awesome game.
    If you compare it with other MMORPG's GW2 has the greatest improvements thru the expansions i love how they bring more and more char uniqueness in the game thru story and elite spec customisation. GW2 does a great job in balancing the classes also (you might not agree with this but please play WoW and tell which is more balanced (PS: i am still playing WoW on a daily basis, and if you are able to tell me about afli warlocks and shadown priests not being OP right now)
    I even believe that GW2 might be one of the greatest balanced games out right now and i also think thats because of you are able to change your build in the game and choose what build suits you best.
    GW2 became my favorite MMORPG because there is also so much to do end game and its all really rewarding, pvp, WvW, map completion, dungeons, raids, fractals, world bosses, crafting its all so rewarding and fun (unlike WoW where you have to do mythics and raids to get good gear no other options). You can really choose which way you want to go and thats what i love i can log in in the game and say oke today i want to do WvW, or maybe some PvP or maybe some map completion, or let me train my crafting so i can make legendary, or maybe i want to do some story quests, or i need some more mastery lets go for that etc. Its really really good, sorry comparing it with WoW again but when i log in WoW i know that i MUST do raids or mythics to get gear, which i dislike a lot.
    So great job and thanks for everything!

  • witcher.3197witcher.3197 Member ✭✭✭✭

    There shouldn't even have been a GW2 :)

    Anet got things right the first time.

  • If they give us Cantha and a massive overhaul of...everything really. I've been buying expansions for this game, and I'm still holding out some hope for lore/story etc. But a 3rd iteration could be interesting. They would need revenue for that though.

  • Fallesafe.5932Fallesafe.5932 Member ✭✭✭

    Yes. And they should charge a monthly subscription-fee to support regular and substantial development/expansion... No more of these ""expansions""" you wait three years for that bring 4 days of new content.

  • i voted other cause if u see WOW its like a brand new game every release... u can do better then that tho just add proffesions maby? races and classes with expasions and maps... u kinda did that already and ppl will get de-attached if it comes a brand new game with all the stuff they have done... thats what WOW is doing right by continuing on the same game ppl have attached to theyr charecters and they can do new stuff with them, its an MMORPG its supposed to take alot of time and adding stuff is good not make a whole new game

  • My only concern is the old engine and whatever they use to code the game which has been equated to "spaghetti code" and that it will not only limit Anets ability to make changes or innovations, but also make changes happen at a really slow pace.

  • Ozz.7164Ozz.7164 Member

    Expansions just prooved to me that gw2 cant be the game I wish it was in the first place. I think the "trinty" suppression was the bigest mistake ever made, and I think Anet kinda admit to it by giving some classes support specialisations, but its too late since there are basic things you just cant do in this game like targeting (this game is all about zoning). Also the amount of CC the absence of castbars, all contribute to have a very confusing pvp in wich is hard to feel in control and also give that limit of 5 players. I have the feeling that even in a game like overwatch that is mainly an FPS I can cooperate more with my allies than in gw2 (and dont get me wrong I know there is cooperation in gw2, it just doesnt feel right to me, like runing behind allies to spam a zone healing or packing into a corner to do a combo)
    So yes I really wish for a game, that would keep all the good things that were brought by gw2 like dodge/jump/exploration/craft but that would be much closer to gw1 general gameplay (bring back gvg!).

  • Aenaos.8160Aenaos.8160 Member ✭✭✭
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    We still haven't touched housing and mini battles in GW2,aka there's still a kittenbuttload of money to be made here.
    I don't see why they would consider a sequel,not unless they got their hands on technology that would enable them to create content they can't create on their current set up.Otherwise a new game is pretty much pointless even from a player's pov.

  • Opopanax.1803Opopanax.1803 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Id like guild wars Next.

    Keep gw2 running and replace the engine when needed. The art, storytelling are good. They need to refine weapon sets to make them viable.

    GWN would be a different genera. Make it a lobby like gw1, but make it a builder so players have a building toolset and can design maps and quests themselves. Endless content generation, and people could even make the browsers they like for their own maps. Win, win.

  • bLind.6278bLind.6278 Member ✭✭✭

    I don't want a new game, but I understand that it's likely the only way to bring the runaway powercreep back in line given Anet's history of reluctance to nerf significantly overtuned skills/classes.

    Damage needs to be roughly half of where it is now, but the playerbase just wants big numbers over balance, just like in WoW.

    There's a 95% chance I'll be warned for this post, regardless of what it says.

  • Blimm.5028Blimm.5028 Member ✭✭

    I'd probably take a GW 1.5 over a GW3. I enjoy GW2, but in my opinion it has already went a wee bit too far on it's vector from GW1. Since 'GW3' implies a continuation of progress, I probably wouldn't play something like that.

    I want my build flexibility, the M:TG level complexity, the theorycrafting, and the actually difficult content.

  • At this point Guild Wars needs a serious upgrade. Specially graphics engine. I still can't understand why FFXIV or TESO works so much better on my PC (60+ fps at max detail) and Guild Wars 2 at mid detail has serious frame rate drops. Guild Wars 2 should make an engine that use the graphic card as well, less cpu use and more compatibility with more stuff. I mean my laptop with NVIDIA 630M works better than my PC with NVIDIA 770.

    Another thing. ArenaNet should think about what content includes in game and expansions. Make good dungeons (no more bosses that allows to be killed by "stack all here and destroy them")... As I've seen in fractals they can do it and they know how to do bosses with enjoyable mechanichs... come on, do it more like them!!. Add content that the most hardcore players needs more than 2 weeks of training and casual players needs 3 months or more to down them.

    ArenaNet with Guild Wars combat system you can do bosses almost like God of War... do it!. Add more variety of sPvP modes, take a look other mmo combat modes... think on how was Guild Wars 1, think about builds variety of Guild Wars 1 and GW1 sPvP. You can do a great mmo... I don't know if it can be done by a Guild Wars 2 upgrade or need to be done at Guild Wars 3.

    I think that GW2 graphic engine can be fixed to works fine and have a decent performance. ArenaNet just think one thing: GW2 should perform better than MGSV, FFXIV, FFXV, TESO on same PC, since GW2 have lighter graphics.

  • Laila Lightness.8742Laila Lightness.8742 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @particlepinata.9865 said:
    If its a corpg (multiplayer game) like the first game yes. With fresh modern mechanics and interface ofcourse. If its an mmo, not so interested. Slowly getting tired of zerging with too many people in the openworld instead of together with a more compact band of players. It takes out the immersion out of everything.

    MMo genre is dying people wants shooters

  • Samnang.1879Samnang.1879 Member ✭✭✭✭

    if i can transfer my character(s) progressions to GW3 and have the same items etc... yes! I want better graphics!

    Anet: give us in-game customizable human NPC companion please
    Please, no more balance changes, or at least reset our gears so we don't have to waste gold changing gears every time.
    Please have option to not receive bloodstone dusts, empyreal fragments, dragonite etc

  • samo.1054samo.1054 Member ✭✭✭

    As long as they invest enough into GW2 developement, it should be fine for at least another 5 years.

    After it has served its time, who knows, but I feel we will never see Guild Wars 3.

  • Frenzify.6832Frenzify.6832 Member ✭✭

    I really don't expect a GW3 any time soon. I wouldn't mind a sequel eventually, but having one just for reasons such as wanting new races, new regions, or what have you, is not the greatest of reasons for making a completely new MMO. That's exactly why expansions exist. Creating a new MMO and maintaining it is neither an easy nor cheap task. I know GW1 is still running and being partially maintained by a small team, but I'm not sure GW2 would be sustained on a split team, with resources being split between GW2 and GW3. As has been repeated throughout the thread, if they were to make a new MMO it would need to be with significant improvements/changes, such as an engine overhaul; a significant change to the mechanics; other stuff that can't be fixed with a simple patch, or be put into an expansion.

    I see people commenting that 5 years is already too old, and it really baffles me that these people think that MMOs have lifespans as short as that. I'll just say this; MMOs are not your franchise games that get crapped out annually, to make a quick buck, and you can't judge their lifespan in comparison to those games. MMOs are made to last, otherwise the developers would be haemorrhaging money.

  • Gianluca.8256Gianluca.8256 Member
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    We need a GW 1.5 with new graphics engine new map new story but same mechanincs, 8 bar skill GvG Arena Heroes' Ascent Heroes etc. It was a better PvP game and also a better PvE World and Story

  • Warlord.9082Warlord.9082 Member ✭✭✭

    I went with no to GW3. I see no reason to make a game this old any harder on my computer. Not buying a new pc so I can play a 5+ year old game...

  • Magek.4718Magek.4718 Member ✭✭✭

    GW1 was around for like 10 years before GW2 showed up.

    GW3 isn't happening for another eternity.

  • DragonSlayer.1087DragonSlayer.1087 Member ✭✭✭

    Nah. I jumped into GW2 solely because of GW1. GW1 was such a game changer and was so much fun to play that I was for sure going to continue with GW2. And I did. However, as much as I like playing GW2, it doesnt have the same impact on me as the first game. The main thing that still draws me in is the lore and the nostalgia from the original game. The current state of the game/balances just left me scratching my head. It’s just so meta heavy and the devs not doing anything much to change that. :/

  • Gomes.5643Gomes.5643 Member ✭✭

    I also voted for a new start, because I have the feeling that we are in a similiar situation as in the end of GW1 - where the devs have tons and tons of new ideas but are hold back by old tech and old design philosophies that changed over time. For example:

    • Mounts were never considered when the base game started. While I personally find the idea of mounts one of the best things to happen to the game, the old world feels now incredible small because of them
    • Healing Classes werent planned. Which led to the design decision that you cannot target your allies. Which makes playing healing/support classes like the druid quite clunky.
    • The new action camera cannot achieve its full potential because the old system still is in place.
    • New Systems like Masteries and Elite Specialisation are competing with old Techniques like the leveling System and Core Specs. Most base professions were not designed with the poaaibility of elite specialisations in mind. Meaning that same old mechaniques have to be stuffed into the elite spec no matter what (sand shroud for examle)

    Long Story short, the game has evolved, but is held back by decisions made with past design philosophies. A new Beginning would solve this problem.

  • Gehenna.3625Gehenna.3625 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I said "Other" because I'm missing the "Yes, they should've started already on that" option. I'm a big fan of GW1 and not so much of GW2. So a GW3 sounds great to me because I'd like to see an updated Guild Wars game that is more to my liking than GW2.

    "In my experience, if you can't say what you mean, you can never mean what you say. The details are everything." ~ Minister Durano

  • Cregath.7628Cregath.7628 Member ✭✭✭

    Let's solve all these dragon thingies before wanting anything of the sorts, no?

    Praise Joko!

  • Nuka Cola.8520Nuka Cola.8520 Member ✭✭✭✭

    They better. Game is getting stale, and their expansions bring less content than a $10 dlc for any of the Souls series.

  • Ashabhi.1365Ashabhi.1365 Member ✭✭✭

    I voted other. It's hard to explain, but I have been with the GW franchise since the beginning of Prophecies. I remember Drok's runs, 55 UW farming, and trading miniatures with other players. When GW2 came about, I was there with them. I remember trying to decide which race to be, and being disappointed that I couldn't put Norn cultural armor on my diminutive human. I have seen changes (good and bad) and I have chewed through content that has kept me busy all these years. Face it... 2005 is a long long time ago. I just don't know what GW3 would look like. Truthfully, I'm not sure I want to know.

  • alcopaul.2156alcopaul.2156 Member ✭✭✭

    expansions is the way. a new game will render obsolete the prior.

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