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Healing Ventari > Looking for Coordinated Experienced PvP Team

I main Ventari, easily getting 350~420k heals on average each PvP match, depending on length of course. I understand Ventari in and out, as well as position managment, and am seeking a coordinated team to play with. Outside of healing, I maintain constant Protection and Swiftness at 100% uptime. If swiftness is not needed, I swap for 3 stacks of perma might, and perma fury.

You can see me playing a bit here with a team:


  • Namless.4028Namless.4028 Member ✭✭✭
    edited March 21, 2018

    Im not writing this to put your down or anything. I just want to point out to you how you can improve as a player. If you dont care about improving you dont need to read what i wrote.

    To be honest if I would see someone playing like you did I would think that he is actively trying to loose the game.
    Youre always staying offnode, even when noone of the enemy is focusing you (or even could focus you). That is not a mistace in itself but youre actually avoiding standing on point even if you dont have any reason to do so.

    You were unable to hold your teammates alive during teamfights (you healed a warrior with 80% health while your necro was below 10%). Provided no pressure at all to the enemies (5k damage in a whole game?)
    But overall I would recommend you to overthink your whole playstyle. you never swapped your legend during the game. You swapped weapons twice (maybe three times) during the whole match. You also used like 4 abilities from your weapons. why did you equip them if youre not using them at all?
    Most of your rezzes werent because of you playing good but because the enemies didnt pressure you enough (the last one was because you did something good I saw that^^)
    Also I would recommend you to swap your class since Ventari rev isnt even considered viable anymore (You can stay Ventri rev if you want mybe it will become good again in some patches).

    BTW As a necro im able to have the same ammount of healing during one match while still beeing a dps class and not a support.