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Explorer Jeppa in Desert Highlands.

Was running the "Help Explorer Jeppa retrieve lost supplies" mission earlier. After reaching the 3rd supply point with the dolyak "Grumpy Cinnabar, Jeppa teleported halfway across the Desert Highlands to a group of Awakened and promptly died. I had to waypoint across the map and run to him before the timer ran out, of which right after rezzing him, he teleported back to where Grumpy Cinnabar was and continued his mission. Might want to look into his teleporting death.

Bring back Ceara


  • This is still bugged. I was at the same point when Jeppa died started to revive her when her body dissapeared and ofc the event failed.

  • This event is STILL bugged after all this time... I actually failed the event because I thought she was going to die so I used the nearest waypoint to get to her but by the time I got to her she had already teleported back to Cinnabar, and by the time I go to her at the fourth location, she was dead and I had to try and defeat the skelk by myself but failed because an elite skelk spawned that had way too much health for a single skelk, even if it was an elite... How does something like this even happen, much less go unfixed for so long?

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    edited January 12, 2019

    I can say that as of January 12th 2019 this bug is still happening ! ... Please fix that, this bug as been reported since October 2017 !

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