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Super Adventure Box Mounts

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Ok! so! I understand that this is a taboo topic among the GW2 community... the feared, the loathed, the amazing Super Adventure Box. Personally I love it, and I don't agree with the fact that they "break immersion." or are "hideous." They work really well, when themed appropriately. I have an entire character that is themed for SAB in such a way that I have had lots of people say that it works incredibly well. ( ) Feel free to agree or disagree, after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
I mean come on, you don't see nearly as much rage against the legendary weapons... confetti blasters and unicorn bows... but pixels?! HOW DARE THEY!" Don't even get me started on the Sclerite weapons. Unsightly? that was the intention. Looks amazing when used well? Definitely. The thing is, everything has the ability to look horrible, unless you use them properly. The same thing applies to mounts. Lots of people would look horrible when using them, but does that mean that SAB mounts would be a bad idea? I don't think so. Blame the person using them, not the existence of it.

What do all of you think? and why? I'd love to see them implement more SAB things, including mounts into gw2.


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    Suggestions are best posted under "Guild Wars 2 Discussion". The "In-Game Events" forum is for arranging server-wide in-game events.

  • Yeah~ I noticed that the moment I posted. Too bad it can't be deleted/moved.

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    unicorn bows are beautiful though. My thief has one. :D
    Your toon is Asura, but i don't really see anything that screams SAB.
    Now i've seen awesome Quaggon themed characters and i do like those and yea SAB mounts would be hilarious! kind of like the glider skin. People would buy them!

    They could have done a less in your face(sab glider for instance) mount skin similar to the branded/winter mounts styles. They would not of been plucked out of existing models from SAB but instead modified creations with Pixel/ cube pattern themes on skin like the branded horn areas & cube trail effects instead of snow or lightning. There are ideas out there.

    One way to please everybody for next year ANET, is to add mounts to SAB WORLD 3! go ahead brainstorm with that in mind, we'll be waiting :D

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    alot of ppl want them to just copy/paste the models from SAB.

    the problem with that is the sab models were animated to look like holograms (aka fake) while the mounts were animated to feel and move like an entity separate from your character with actual weight and presence.

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    To be honest, I think the whole “it’ll break immersion” argument died years ago.