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Need Help With Google Sheets and API Refresh


Okay, so I'm totally pulling my hair out over this. Way back in August/September, I created a lovely little Google Spreadsheet that was a simple sheet that called the API to get an item name, an item sell price, and an item buy price. I used various basic math formulas from there, and all was well. To get Google to refresh the cells, all I had to do was close down or refresh the page and everything would update.

Fast forward to now after a long break from the game, and the sheet no longer updates on its own. I have to delete or cut the info out of the cell, and then put it back into the cell in order to get the latest information. I have 80 + cells, I cannot do this every day, let alone every hour or however long it is that I last used it and need to use it again. Google research has been completely dry, the only things I can find are features that only affect Google's own integrated calls but not any custom ones. Can anybody offer a script solution or another way to get Google Sheets to simply refresh the cells?


  • I'm sure Google changed how it works a while ago. The results of custom formulas are now persistently cached. I'm sure it didn't use to persist between sessions some time ago. But it works as follows: as long as the parameters don't change, the result won't be updated. Unfortunately, I don't have a solution on hand.

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