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Demolitionist Folke gets stuck too often, can't finish Maws of Torment meta

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Please help this event, after all the hard work we do to bring down defenses - or even closing west and north's portals - you'll go to east and find that Demolistionist Folke is either stuck in the mountain or floating in the air; making it impossible to succeed the event to continue to the Legendary Forged Demolisher :(


  • possible work-around is allowing him to fight the first group of enemies by leaving some of the defenses alive. this could be insight into how to reproduce the bug (nothing to fight so he either floats or runs into the wall)

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    here's a new one for east, found him stuck in the floor right before the portal area D:

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    new one... was escorting West and didn't even notice when they fell underground and got stuck. ;-;

    note the green down arrow on the mini map indicating that they are below me.

  • Just adding my voice to this report. I try to run this meta often, and it is very frustrating that it fails because of bugged NPCs. Please fix soon. Thanks!

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    Folke plz come down you're not supposed to be up there

    btw this time, he was fighting a group of mobs at the very start, and as i approached him, he went to fight the group of mobs behind me and floated

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    Happened again. Is this being at least investigated?

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    Can confirm this bug is still present, it'd be nice to have it fixed soon.

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    Hello? It's 7th of May and we still have this issue.

  • July the 5th, 2019, this bug is still present.. and failed the meta

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    This bug has been around since almost PoF launch. Anet clearly doesn't care about it nor plans to fix it anytime soon.

    Also bump, because it keeps happening

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    Guess I'll share what I have experienced in this bug.
    It's true that I've seen Folke disregard land height, and go floating / beneath terrain, even at the very beginning of the escort, before fighting any enemies.

    However, I've only run into this bug when the pre event for the east lane fails, each time I've participated in it and got it to succeed, Folke didn't bug out.

    So the bug might be more related to how the event is setup when the pre fails. I suggest, if you are attempting maw of torment, to go first for the east lane and leave the rest for later. Report back with your findings to provide Anet better information about the bug.

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    It doesn’t involve the gemstore, it doesn’t block the story, nor is it from the most current release. I wouldn’t expect it to be fixed as they don’t have a team that fixes bugs since they all work on new content.