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What about "E"?

It has been more than a year since we have heard anything about E (https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/E).

Anet has a habit of letting things just slip away with no real resolution (shooting gallery in DR, guild missions, Vikki and Momo, etc).

Is E one of those things?



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    I hope not. I'm pretty sure E is that guy in my avatar pic ;) -- a friend broached the question on my behalf at PAX and while the dev response was not illuminating (other than calling E "he" which could just be an English neutral pronoun, to be sure, the tone of the response did seem to suggest E has not been forgotten.

  • I've still been running with the insane notion that E is actually Kasmeer Meade in disguise. She is a Mesmer after all...and a member of the Mesmer Collective. Alternatively, it could be her brother Kyle, though that seems like a stretch and such bad narrative that it should be rejected out of hand.

    Leaving that thread alone, E is familiar with Order of Whispers and has a lot of intelligence about the Ministry. That likely puts him somewhere within the Ministry itself.

    My personal thought is its Minister Etham who you can find in the Upper City. He was concerned about Nebo Terrace and would have been looking into the provocation of the Centaurs thus leading him to Caudecus. He would have enough clout to go within the Ministers to hear what was going on behind the scenes and wouldn't be missed when things got busy. He was not present from what I could see during the showdown in Lions Arch which would have given him time to be coordinating letters in advance of Estelle's attack.

  • Short answer: maybe, but it's complicated.

    We tackled the topic of loose threads in another post. This should shed some light on our process.

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